Gallery: Dance Class Club Night

June 8th 2023

The FBi Radio Dance Class cohort of 2023 celebrated the end of their three month DJ mentorship program with an epic club night at Sydney dance music institution Club 77.

The trainees attended masterclasses as part of FBi Radio’s female, trans and non-binary dance music mentorship program, and got to showcase everything they learnt. The FBi Radio Dance Class trainees were joined alumna Crescendoll (class of 2020) and former Dance Class mentor, Merph to bring you a huge night of dance music.

In addition to mixing skills on CDJs and vinyl, the trainees learnt everything from running their own events, to hosting live radio. They were also paired with mentors over the course of FBi Radio Dance Class program. The DJ skills and industry know-how the trainees have mastered over the past three months culminated with their party at Club 77.

Click through out gallery to relive the action/ see what you missed.


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