Unsigned Artist Of The Week:: Twin Caverns

March 11th 2014

Twin Caverns Feature

Let’s get sensual.

Our new Unsigned Artist of the Week Twin Caverns certainly is, and we’re not about to miss that party.

The simultaneously eerie and sexy duo, Twin Caverns, is made up of Louise Millar and Michael Macias. Their textured sounds and fluid melodies are a rich tapestry of guitar, understated electronic production and Millar’s raw, soulful vocals. To be perfectly frank, their music is what I imagine the elves from The Lord Of The Rings would put on when it’s time to make some R’n’Babies.

You can picture that for a while if you like.

The pair haven’t been on the scene for very long, having only released two original songs and an incredible Bon Iver cover. These early releases show off a team that know themselves and their music, leaving new listeners hitting the repeat button and searching for some miraculously undiscovered track in the depths of the internet.

Hope can be found in the news they are in the middle of writing and recording so we should be seeing a little more from them very shortly, but if you can’t wait for that they are playing at Goodgod Small Club at the end of March.


Who:: Thief with Nicole Millar and Twin Caverns.

When:: 7pm, Friday March 28.

Where:: Goodgod Small Club, 55 Liverpool St Sydney.

How Much:: $15.30


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