Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: The Infants

May 20th 2014

The Infants

Got your air instruments ready? Good. The Infants are going to have you whipping them out left, right, and centre.

The Infants are a four piece from Melbourne. Constructed of Blaise Adamson, Jack Normoyle, Chris and Anthony Morse plus a heck-ton of attitude, the band seem to be as busy as their music. On top of all their shows, they have been writing and recording an EP which is due out later this year. They have also been making some cool-but-gross T Shirts, available on their website.

Their songs, sometimes as short as one and a half minutes, are jam-packed and straight-up exciting. The first track, ‘Halves’, from their upcoming EP is in the category of those you put on when you’re doing something a little dastardly and need a quick boost to your street cred. We are talking thick liquid bass, slow beats and some stuff going on in the background that ain’t nobody’s business.

Look, we aren’t saying you should do something naughty right now, but ‘Halves’ is available as a ‘pay what you will’ on bandcamp and we can’t control what happens once it starts playing.


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