Unsigned Artist Of the Week :: Nite Guise

December 9th 2014


Feeling the end of year burnout? Relax m8, Nite Guise know how to get you into holiday mode.

They also know how to keep that mode fresh with short, sweet ditties packed with riffs, reverb and energy. Equally short and sweet is their story; Nite Guise is a two piece from Sydney who love music, synths and guitar. Their single ‘Oo Ah Wa O’, is a shimmy making, ragamuffin tune that is also a free download from soundcloud so get on it.

Use the song to resolve questions such as if everything is anything at all, and where the beginning of the song is (answers provided in lyrics). Or just have a listen to the ace track and buzz around the closest makeshift dance floor like Nite Guise intended.

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