Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Moses Gunn Collective

August 12th 2014

Moses daddy

Guitar for your Tuesday? Moses Gunn Collective are providing a pretty convincing case for yes. 

Moses Gunn Collective are the kind of band you hope comes on your shuffle when people are listening so you can seem as effortlessly cool as they are. In all honesty, it’s almost a lie to call this Brisbane four piece a band – they’re much better described as a supergroup with the über-outfit featuring members from The Belligerents, Orphans Orphans, The Furrs, Morning Harvey plus The Family Jordan. You can bloody tell. There are layers upon layers of beachy vocals, damn fine riffs and some of the most hazy, weird, reverb heavy guitar you’ll be able to get your ears on EVER (Yep- I’m calling it. Go ahead and prove me wrong).

Their new EP will be out in October. Fret not though, if waiting for genius tunes ain’t your thing you can check out their Bandcamp with a bunch of name-your-price downloads already up and raring. 

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