Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Bachelor Pad

February 25th 2014

Deep in the heart of some basement in Sydney there is a pile of spicy chicken and some empty beer cans.

On the couch to the left there are four motley individuals all of whom are watching ‘Cops’ and know how to wield an instrument. To the right there is a big trophy with ‘Unsigned Artist of the Week’ scrawled beautifully on it in permanent marker. This basement is no ordinary basement, friends. This basement is a Bachelor Pad.

Bachelor Pad Feature

Bachelor Pad is a four piece from Sydney. Their garage surf rock is consistently short, sweet and upbeat. Expect keyboard riffs and dirty guitar, fun-as-heck lyrics and eloquent titles such as ‘Fried’, ‘Spag’, and ‘I Love Cops’.

The crew released a pretty neat debut album in January that’s ten tracks full of the stuff. It’s called Dooming Out and it (plus a super limited amount of colourful vinyls) is available on their Bandcamp. Bachelor Pad will be hitting stages again very soon as well as giving us the video for their (to be) acclaimed song, ‘#1 Record’, so stay tuned to their effervescent activity on the internet.

(Hopefully it wasn’t filmed in your street.)



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