Track By Track :: The Bridge Presents ‘Maker’

May 8th 2013

The Bridge’s Tim Sharp walks us through the show’s second free compilation of 100% Sydney music, an electronic offering called ‘Maker‘.

Available for free download via our Bandcamp, the release takes a diverse look at a flourishing underground scene marked by high quality, inquisitive productions.


1. The Silent Titan – Solo Mission

The Silent Titan’s Outer Circle Movements was one of the most well put-together hip hop-oriented releases of last year and a deserved FBi Album of the Week (November 2012). Unreleased track Solo Mission is a good example of the Blue Mountains-based producer’s clear nous for arrangements and keen ear for a sample.

2. aBillion – Maker

aBillion’s Invert was quietly released via the duo’s Bandcamp earlier this year and as far as free downloads go it surely doesn’t get much better: an hour of fluid electronica and downtempo jams. Maker doubles as the title track for this compilation.

3. Cassius Select – Jamo

Cassius Select, a new project from the man otherwise known as Guerre, treads a fascinating line between ambient and techno. Jamo is taken from the One EP, out now on Hunter Gatherer Records.

4. Nakagin – Cave

Hugh Luscombe’s warm, intricate compositions have been impressing for a while now and it was no surprise to see him in the finals of this year’s Northern Lights competition. We’re thrilled to offer an exclusive new track, Cave, for this release.

5. Yon Yonson – Closer to the Sun

Yon Yonson’s debut full-length Antipodes swings from A to B with all the panache of a more seasoned outfit. Closer to the Sun, the duo’s first official single has been generating buzz since it’s soft launch a month or so back. With an impeding wider release I’m looking forward to seeing how far it travels.

6. Anomie – Protest in Morocco

Anomie, aka Sofie Loizou made a big statement with last year’s self-titled EP, released through Subcontinental Dub. With subsequent releases on other discerning labels and a new album in the works it’s no surprise to see Sofie/Anomie earmarked as one to watch.

7. James IV Stewart – LZ 129

James IV Stewart has been drip-feeding tracks from his debut EP via Soundcloud over the last several months. It’s an approach that seems to be working with songs quickly garnering attention and being picked up by influential YouTube channels. LZ 129 is an upbeat number with just enough attention-to-detail to keep you coming back for more.

8. Spoonty – Trips Home

A former Unsigned Artist of the Week on FBi’s breakfast program Up For It, Spoonty’s uplifting electronica continues to impress. Trips Home is taken from his free online release Feels and showcases the Blue Mountains-based producer’s more pensive side.

9. Westernsynthetics – The Offensive

Widely regarded as a pioneer in the Australian dubstep scene, Westernsynthetics’ productions often stand out as precise, brooding and engaging. The Offensive is the first single of the upcoming album Pianodrumming.

10. Gardland – 1767

Gardland’s live shows have fast earned them a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in a renewed Australian techno movement. 1767 comes from a self-titled EP released earlier this year on the duo’s own Hunter Gatherer label (they are the second signee to appear here after Cassius Select).



The Bridge broadcasts 100% Sydney music every weeknight from 8-9pm.
Hosted by Harry White, Larry Lai and Tim Sharp




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