Toro Y Moi’s thirst for sound: hiking to new musical heights

January 14th 2016


  • Michaela Morgan :: Toro Y Moi interview

Fresh from the Falls Festival circuit and about to play a sideshow at the Oxford Art Factory, Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi sidled down to the FBi studio for a chat with Michaela Morgan. Cool and collected as ever, Chaz ran us through his life philosophy of always pushing for new sounds and new genres.

“I wanted to do it with more craft behind it, rather than just DJs blasting all over.”

Chaz has kept himself busy, busy, busy — not just musically, with his latest record What’s For and hip-hop mixtape Samantha — but also getting back in touch with nature, with a recent seven-mile hike through Yosemite National Park for the first time.

“I’ve always been into creating my own thing… my own furniture, dishes, rugs, all the stuff in my house.”

Look out for more Toro Y Moi collaborations coming up in the future, too — with the recent additions of Ruben Nielsen and Julian Lynch, Chaz is out to reach new and different heights — hopefully without any hiking necessary!



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