Tiny Ruins plays ‘Dream Wave’ live acoustic and talks disorientation & ‘Hurtling Through’

June 10th 2016

tiny ruins

  • Tiny Ruins :: Interview with Samantha Groth
  • Tiny Ruins :: Dreamwave (Live)

At the end of last year, New Zealand’s Hollie Fullbrook aka Tiny Ruins released Hurtling Through, a collaborative EP with US-based Hamish Kilgour of The Clean. Boasting stunning melodies and haunting lyrics, the EP was written “on planes and trains and cars” during an intense period of touring. While back in our hemisphere for her Sydney Opera House debut at Vivid LIVE, Hollie stopped by for a chat with Samantha Groth.

“The whole EP kind of has this feeling of disorientation because all these songs were written while on planes and trains, and in cars just getting through this intense period of touring. So Hurtling Through, the idea of it was that feeling of being on an underground train riding underground the city, and how places are rushing past you all the time”.

With a third album in production, Hollie is back collaborating and writing with her full band.

“Writing new songs and writing new material for our third album now, I have my band Cass, Alex and Tom in mind a lot of the time. We’re at a level now where I trust them enough to play material that hasn’t even been finished yet, then we workshop it collaboratively. The songwriting is still quite a personal thing I do on my own, but Cass, Tom and Alex and really, really important to the process.”

Listen to the interview and a beautifully tender live rendition of ‘Dream Wave’ above.



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