Tiny Ruins performs ‘Tread Softly’, ‘Hurtling Through’ and tells stories with Alex Pye

November 26th 2015


  • Mornings With Alex Pye :: Tiny Ruins Interview + Live Songs
  • Tiny Ruins :: Tread Softly (Live at FBi)
  • Tiny Ruins :: Hurtling Through (Live at FBi)

“[One of my songs is based on] a priest who jumps off a cliff with helium-filled balloons… in Brazil five years ago… a lot of my songs come out of visual things.”

Hollie Fullbrook AKA Tiny Ruins has been everywhere lately.

Fresh back from Singapore where she was showing off her story-telling songs and nervously taking part in her first song-writing workshop, she jumped in the studio with Alex Pye to chat about all the exciting stuff going on. The biggest news was the upcoming release of her new EP Hurtling Through featuring the talent of Hamish Killgour from The Clean and his “sack of percussion”.

“[Hamish] had put his name on my little hand-written mailing list back in the day… I needed a secret weapon [and] I thought of Hamish.”

Tiny Ruins pulled out her guitar for Alex and graced her with ‘Tread Softly’ off the new EP live in the studio. Despite flitting around Sydney and playing up a storm recently, she isn’t set to stop, heading down to Victoria and across the narrow sea to Auckland for some more shows in the near future.

“Other songs are about characters that I’ve created but basically about people that I know [always] with a bit of reality woven in there.”

Hurtling Through is out on the 27th November in Australia and NZ via Flying Nun Records.



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