These New South Whales on nipple tape, lockout laws and their new web series

December 1st 2015

TNSW 768

  • These New South Whales :: Interview on Arvos

“The first thing we shot was us in adult diapers.”

One half of Sydney’s premier punk band These New South Whales joined Ben De Klerk on Arvos to introduce their new web series, These New South Whales – written, produced and starring the band.

Jamie and Todd shared some behind-the-scenes insights into TSNW’s biggest fan Wort, getting an ABN, how much it hurts to rip tape of your nipples and pretending to be Novocastrians. They also gave some cutting insight into Sydney’s unpopular lockout laws:

“You can’t even get a sausage roll past 10pm.”

Listen to the interview above, then watch the series below – or just skip to the final episode, filmed right here at FBi Radio with the majestic Greta Balog!


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