The Laugh Stand Q&A with Jennifer Wong, Seaton Kay-Smith, Trudi Ross & Mitch Garling

July 4th 2014

Even the most humble and down to earth comic, at some point, dreams of the ultimate gig – the one that would tick all the boxes, and be worthy of all the hard work, bad gigs, little pay and crippling self-doubt they’d encounter along the way.

The Laugh Stand asked four rising comics about their ‘dream gig’…

Seaton Kay Smith

Seaton Kay-Smith

In just a few words, what would be your dream gig?

My dream gig would be one where from start to finish everyone is laughing and someone shouts out, “I like your bone structure! You look twenty two!”

Where would your dream gig be?

My dream gig would be in the future. It would be a terrible shame if my dream gig was in the past and I’d already had it and didn’t notice, and as a result I came to the realisation that I would never have a gig that would live up to my ideal gig. I could never be satisfied again.

Which joke would you want to get a standing ovation or?

The worst one. If people stand for the worst joke, then I can only imagine they’d levitate for the best one. Human’s can’t levitate, so if that happened, it would be great publicity.

What would you ask be put on the poster?

“So funny you’ll actually levitate. I did. Three and a half stars.”

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Trudi Ross

Trudi Ross

Where would your dream gig be?

Somewhere like the Entertainment Centre, with all seats preferably full! I love a big crowd and enjoy their energy. Apart from that, a gig where anyone listens!!

Who would be at your dream gig? (living, dead, famous, people in your life, whatever you like)

A great crowd that is up for a laugh. Other than that; family, friends, Bette Midler, Lucille Ball and French and Saunders. Basically, all the funny people I’ve learnt from, and lots of Hollywood heavy weights to put me in funny movies… and 60 Minutes, in case they’d like to do a segment on a total unknown comic!

Which joke would you want to get a standing ovation for?

All of them! That would make me laugh – watching people constantly (I wish) get up and down. They’d be exhausted. To be honest, to have an ovation at the end of a collectively great show would be the perfect way to end a dream gig.

How would you like to be paid for the gig?

With money, ideally! If not; the stage time, especially when starting out, is the valuable part in the growth of your material etc.

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Mitch Garling

Mitch Garling

Where would your dream gig be?

Sydney Opera House

What would be your backstage demands, or ‘rider’, at the gig? What would you wanted stocked in the Green Room fridge?

After every gig I always treat myself to a Sunibrite Apricot and Yoghurt Bar, so I might have to have a few of those at the ready!

Who would be at your dream gig? (living, dead, famous, people in your life, whatever you like)

Delta Goodrem, Grant Denyer, Natalie Imbruglia and 360.

If a solo show, who would your support act be?

Will McKellar – a fellow Central Coast comic – gotta stay true to people who were there for you early!

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Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong

What would be your dream gig?

My three dream gigs would be:

1) A one-woman comedy version of ‘Les Miserables’ with a full orchestra and choir.

2) A musical version of the movie ‘Speed’, with the original cast. I would play the tourist on the bus that says; “Aw, man. The airport? I’ve already been here!”

3) The next gig. Which is The Laugh Stand with Tom Ballard at FBi Social on July 17!

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Will The Laugh Stand with Tom Ballard in fact be a ‘dream gig’ for Seaton, Trudi, Mitch and Jennifer? Find out on Thursday 17 July at FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel!

WHAT :: The Laugh Stand with Tom Ballard
WHERE :: FBi Social, Level 3, Kings Cross Hotel
WHEN :: Thursday 17th JuLy, 8pm
HOW MUCH :: $15 ($10 for FBi Supporters!) from Fatsoma



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