The Laugh Stand Q&A :: Doug Suiter, Kyle Legacy, Gearard McGeown

May 13th 2014

Even the most humble and down-to-earth comic, at some point, dreams of the ultimate gig. The one that would tick all the boxes, and be worthy of all the hard work, bad gigs, little pay and crippling self-doubt they’d encounter along the way.

The Laugh Stand asked three rising Sydney comics about their ‘dream gig’.

Doug Suiter


In just a few words, what would be your dream gig?

Oddly, I’ve always wanted to start a show by waking up onstage. I think that would be mind blowing, at least for me. Everyone would have to enter really quietly and then the start of the show would be my alarm clock actually waking me up from a deep sleep and I’d suddenly realise what was going on.

How would you “get in the zone” for the gig?

I find a traffic accident or other near death experience helps with nerves. It puts the whole “fear of people judging you” thing into perspective.

What song would you choose to come on stage to?

“Who Let The Dougs Out.” Because, my name’s Doug. See what I did there?

What would you ask be put on the poster?

Next week’s winning lotto numbers.

How would you want to travel to the gig?

A Delorean. It’s a time management thing.

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Kyle Legacy


Who would be at your dream gig? (living, dead, famous, people in your life, what-ever you like)

Eddie Murphy, laughing his ass off with that Eddie Murphy laugh. I could die a happy man after that.

Which other comedians (or any type of act) would you like to share the stage with at the gig?

I would love to share the stage with Dave Chappelle and Jim Carrey just to see what would happen.

If a solo show, who would your support act be?

I have always wanted a wise cracking parrot to open for me.

How would you like to be paid for the gig?

I would like to get paid in cold, hard cash, preferably small bills, so I can make it rain easier!

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Gearard McGeown


How would you “get in the zone” for the gig?

Every gig, it’s same routine: work myself into a complete panic, continually tell myself I suck, then, just before I vomit, that’s when I know I’m ready.

Which other comedians or any type of act would you like to share the stage with at the gig?

Clowns, and plenty of them.

How would you want to travel to the gig?

Monster truck all the way… or the bus… whatever is easier.

What media would you like a review from?

All the big ones: SMH, Daily Telegraph, Dog Show Weekly.

What would be your ideal after-party?

Heaps and heaps of cake.

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