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March 27th 2015

photo 1 (1)Everything from call of solidarity to a protection from external threats.

They say national identity is formed through conflict. And 100 years ago the ANZACs embedded in our history the spirit of mate ship, endurance and good humor. Over the years, the history critics got a hold of it and created the culture wars, a whole new conflict on its own, but that’s another story.

Casula Powerhouse have taken on the mammoth task of commemorating the ANAZC centenary in light of all the conflicts that have come after. The exhibition combines some of the best living Australia artists including Fiona Hall, Tony Albert and Guan Wei. Well, in my opinion. And combines them with works from the War Memorial Museum.

The contemporary exhibition is outstanding. Baden Pailthorpe’s kalydascopic video of the military salute towers through the sky above you in almost psychedelic spectacle of the military. Ex De Medici ‘s surreal painting of a rifle practically grows off the canvas.

The works contributed from the War Memorial Museum include a collection of old propaganda posters, summoning women to the land army.

Although the combination of the two shows can seem a little stilted – you really get a sense of how our perspectives to war have changed over time. I for one can’t fathom a dropping everything and farming for my country.

As a phrase Guarding the Home Front is everything from a call of solidarity to the protection from external threats. The exhibition itself is nothing but powerful.

Guarding the home front is on at Casula Powerhouse until the 17th May.

WHAT :: Guarding the Home Front
WHERE :: Casula Powerhouse
WHEN :: 20 March – 17 May

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