Sydney’s Best Walls (well, some of them) with Street Art Murals Australia

September 25th 2014


From Lilyfield to Leichhardt, Newtown to May Lane, Sydney’s inner west has some pretty nice looking walls. It’s not always easy to find a space to paint though. Street Art Murals Australia is working to increase the amount of legal wall space for street artists – currently raising funds to free up 4,000 square metres

SAMA artist Layth Saeed recommends some of his favourite murals in the area.


Okay, before we start, I feel as if it would be best if I made a short disclaimer… The following piece is a discussion of a few great works of art around the inner west. In doing so, I’m clearly going to offer a lot of opinion and personal thoughts; as is the nature of the beast. However, my intention in writing this article is not to impart these thoughts and opinions to have people agree or disagree with me. I want people to go out and see these works of art, find new ones and most importantly support the scene in any way you can – by attending shows, donating to collectives and let local government know that there needs to be more opportunities for this kind of creative outlet; the streets of Sydney will be better for it.

With that in mind…

Streetart - Phibs

Phibs – Lilyfield on the M7

I thought I’d start off with this one for a couple of reasons, namely because it’s a nice big piece in a great location on the corner of Balmain Rd and the M7.

Phibs is just an amazing artist with a great sense of colour and a really defined style. I have a mate that lives around the corner from this one, so I often get an opportunity to walk right close, which is highly recommended.

The scale of the thing really comes across once you’re craning your neck up to get it all in. The lines also remain nice and clean even with your face right up to the wall. He’s also got another great one worth seeing just down the road at Lilyfield light-rail station.

Streetart - Fintan Magee, Discovering Flight

Fintan Magee ‘Discovering Flight’ – Leichhardt

It wouldn’t have been worth writing this without mentioning Fintan Magee…

Fintan’s a wicked artist with such a unique and recognisable style. I went with this piece, found in a laneway down the end of Cary Street, instead of one of his bigger ones in Newtown, because it’s a bit more tucked away in Leichhardt and the subject matter is just awesome.

I love the way his style come across on corrugated iron, there’s just something about the channels that makes it great to look at from so many different angles once you’re up close.

Streetart - Peque (Newtown)

Peque – Newtown

It’s pretty great to have such an amazing international artist calling Sydney their home and in the two years he’s been here Peque has left quite a mark. Among the most recent of which is this one in Newtown.

Not only is the perspective on this great, but his use of colour is absolutely sick. All the shadowing has been put in with different tones and not just tinted, which really contributes to the cartoonish style of the piece; leaving only clean, defined lines. The scale and colouring of this one is also cool, I love the detail on the headphones.

 Streetart - Pudl and Snarl off King Street, Newtown

Pudl and Snarl – Newtown off King St

I had to go with this Pudl n Snarl piece because there’s just no going past this piece; it’s so eye catching you have to stop every time, not to mention the size of the freaking thing!

The blue & greens against the purple & black in the background looks great and the tones around the blings really makes them glow (I know that’s the second time I’ve mentioned blings, but what do you want from me? They look cool!)

I also love the styles up against each other, they’re both crazy but not too overwhelming.

Streetart - May Lane

May Lane – St Peters

I thought for this last one, instead of doing a particular piece I’d mention a place where there’s pretty much always some wicked art to see…

May Lane in St Peters is one of those spots that’s been incredible for years, and the great thing about it is the consistent turnover of content. Wander down on any given day and you’ll see established artists like some of those mentioned above, through to people you’ve never seen or heard of before. No matter what, May Lane is always a great place to check out some art.

Now before you go whinging about not doing another piece, I’ll leave you with this little guy down in Melbourne by Sofles…

Streetart - squirrel piece Sofles

Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Sydney, that exists to support street artists. SAMA believes street art is a valid form of art that benefits the whole community. There are three key products they sell to fund the community work they do; Murals, Workshops and Consultancy.

SAMA is currently crowd funding to open up close to 4,000 square meters of wall space for street artist to paint their own designs on. This space will be the ultimate example of street art’s contribution to our society; urban beautification, tourism, culture and social inclusion. 

Get involved in the “There is More to Street Art than Banksy’ crowdfunding campaign.



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