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October 15th 2012

For many of us, the phrase ‘ugly bartender’ seems like a horrific oxymoron. It sounds like some sort of brutal blasphemy which we would never wish to inflict upon our pint-pouring friends. This kind, sweet man dripping with facial piercings and decorated with tasteful body art? He who turns a blind eye to our drunken stupors long enough to pour one more replenishing brew … ugly!? No, we would never refer to those who supply our ‘There Will Be Beer‘ column with its key ingredient as ‘ugly’.

Until now.

Bartenders across the state have bravely diverged from their faded black wares and have donned t-shirts proudly emblazoned with the words: ‘I’M U.G.L.Y! I need help.

So, yes. These brave men and women may be on the receiving end of that iconic cheer from a scantily clad Kirsten Dunst circa 2000. ‘U-G-L-Y’ –  but these guys do have an alibi. And it happens to be an outstanding one which will make you like them so much. More than when they fill your wine glass just a tad beyond that indicator line. More than when Happy Hour ends a few minutes before your round, but they make an allowance because they watched you tear through the pub like a steeplechase competitor when you noticed those last precious seconds slipping away.

These UGLY Bartenders, ladies and gentlemen, are a different type of ‘ugly’. ‘Understanding, Generous, Likeable You’, to be precise. And this select group of over-achievers are battling it out until 9 November to be crowned UGLY Bartender of the Year in a competition raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation. The funds are being put to use by providing free accommodation for regional families who need to be in the city to support loved ones dealing with leukaemia and other related illnesses.

How can you help? Where can you find these angels who have graced us mortals with their presence? Lots of events are happening as part of the UGLY campaign. Balmain natives have another reason to enjoy Friday and Saturday band nights at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel – 5% of bar sales on these nights are going straight to the Leukaemia Foundation while the UGLY competition is in full swing.

Some of you may be excellent bartenders yourselves. A friend of mine considers herself to be an exceptional barwoman based purely on the fact that when a fat person orders Coke with their spirit, she subtly swaps it for diet. You’re welcome.

If you hear this competition calling your name and you wouldn’t mind taking out the top prize of a 6 day holiday from Cairns to Airlie beach and a Hoshizaki ice machine for you venue, then it’s not too late to sign up:



Andrew Stewart – Gymea Hotel -Gymea

Robert Dobson – Hotel Gearin – Katoomba

Bruce Tait – Moorefield Bowling Club – Kogarah

Suzi McJennett – Kurrajong Heights Hotel – Kurrajong Heights

Simon Usher – Taverners Hill Hotel – Leichhardt

Rebecca O’Pray – Railway Hotel – Liverpool

Eric Lim – Pritchards Hotel – Mt Pritchard

Reg Deane – Narellan Hotel – Narellan

Nick George – Newport Arms Hotel – Newport

Jake Petherick – North Richmond Hotel – North Richmond

Christian Oliver – Newington Inn Hotel – Petersham

Debra Russell – Royal Hotel – Richmond

Veronica Hoko – Richmond Inn – Richmond

Jessica Winning – St George Tavern – Rockdale

Anne Johns – Saints Bar – St Johns Park

Desrae Cranston – Wallacia Hotel – Wallacia

Heidi Sieders – Fitzroy Hotel – Windsor

Luke Stone – Royal Exchange Hotel – Windsor

Vicky Kelleher – Windsor Bowling and Sports Club – Windsor


WHAT: U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year

WHO: Leukaemia Foundation

WHEN: Now until November 9



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