SPOD – TrackSuits Takeover

October 7th 2013


SPOD celebrated the 10th Anniversary and re-release of his ridiculous party album “Taste the Radness” by storming the studio and taking over TrackSuits for a RADNESS themed show.

A “self-styled humble genius” and “iconic legend” of the Sydney music scene, SPOD’s stint as co-host traversed a wide range of banging tunes and topics, from the Sydney scene in the early noughties, to the role of ego and identity in music, and a shitload of humblebragging.

Listen back to the SPODcast of the TrackSuits episode on RADNESS here!

Check out the TrackSuits mashup of SPOD’s seminal album reissue:


The Taste the Radness 10-year anniversary reissue is available now from Rice is Nice.

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