Serial Space presents TIME MACHINE

July 24th 2012

TIME MACHINE’S opening night ‘Age of Ease’ exhibition – at first comprised of idle TV’s, steel contraptions and fluorescent tubing – became a free-for-all of pickaxes and poles exploding through TV screens. Finished beers became catapult fodder and vengeful art nerds, silly on glowing dry-ice G’n’T’s, obliterated pretty much everything in sight.

Best. Launch. Ever.

The amazing crew from Serial Space have come up with a whole 10 days of killing time in creative ways, and you’ve got until the  29th of July to experience what is possibly the coolest festival of the year.

Taking place for TIME MACHINE are debates, installations, workshops, talks, exhibitions, performances, plays, readings, time travel and, of course, experimental music.

On the 29th in particular, Sydney’s most bizarre orchestras – the Sydney Radio Orchestra and Erk’s Orchestra – will unite for a free ‘spectacular experimental occurrence’.

And, thankfully, this festival has got your requisite TIME MACHINE Laboratory under control, allowing you to get involved on a more practical level. Join Jonathan Watts‘ radio-making workshop, hack an outdoor light with Samuel Bruce, then gather as the sun sets and watch your handiwork turn into a synth. It’s called the ‘Ritual Solar Observance Society’ (but of course).

Then, create a combat robot with Angus Deveson and learn how to send mail to Berlin while bypassing corporate datacenters and censorship with Luke Munn.

While you’re at it, why not take a moment to travel through time by harnessing the temporally transcendental powers of chanting?

If traversing time gets a bit much for you, Aemon Webb welcomes you to play Noiseball, which is like playing handball amidst an endurance noise set.

Pia van Gelder, one of the Serial Space curators, is hosting a panel discussion on the relationship between women and technology, then the ‘Step Back: Dance Party’ with Cliques, Four Door, Tuff Shem & Tyson Koh gives those who can dance both in and out of time a place to party.

There’ll also be Dorkbot seminars, ‘Waiting for Godot’ (as performed by the In-Game Amateur Theatre Society), Robowars, and a Park Lecture by the Flog’s very own Megan Garett-Jones on ‘Everyday Creative Acts, A Guide‘.

That doesn’t cover it, but this does.

So if you want to experience the square wave-tones created by a plant, travel through time, see loads of amazing performances, build something, or simply smash something up, head along to TIME MACHINE before July 29.


What: TIME MACHINE: A Festival of Experimental Time-Based Art

Who: Solo Andata, Angel Eyes, Lachlan Anthony, Ella Barclay, Samuel Bruce, Tim Bruniges, Sarah Byrne, Michael Candy, Marco Cher-Gibard, Adnan Chowdhury, Cliques, Creo Nova, Cubist Effects & Instruments, Ann Deslandes, Angus Deveson, Bonita Ely, Erk’s Orchestra (Electronic Resonance Korps), Nancy Mauro-Flude, Four Door, Brian Fuata, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Megan Garrett-Jones, Daniel Green, Helen Grogan, Nathan Harrison, Shane Haseman, Half High, Noelle Janacewska, Jacinta Kelly, Tyson Koh, Andrew McLellan, Scott Morrison, Gail Priest, Zoe Robertson, Sarah Rodigari, Melita Rowston, Michael Salerno, Oscar Slorach-Thorn, Diana Smith, The Sydney Radio Orchestra, Tuff Shem, Jonathan Watts, Aemon Webb, Marcus Whale,  Alex White & Wrong Button Death Squad.

Where: Various venues across Sydney. Get with their program.

When: Until 29th July, 2012

How much: Events and exhibitions are free unless otherwise specified.



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