Review :: So Frency So Chic @ Sydney Festival

January 24th 2013

Town Hall could not have played a better host to the ambient and relaxed vibe of Sydney Festivals’ So Frenchy So Chic.

The fairy lights and smoky purple haze lay the perfect backdrop for first act, French male trio Revolver. Thick French accents with a good grasp of english shared witty intermittent banter between acoustic and melodic folk ditties.

Melanie Pain took command of the stage like a tambourine-and-glockenspiel-playing pixie, bewitching the audience with numerous indie pop numbers. Pain’s version of Blur’s ‘Girls & Boys’ was a particular highlight. Final act, Australian born French national Nadeah, performed a lively set embracing her husky vocals and enlivening the crowd. The whole event was a treat for fans of the compilations which began in 2005 and those fresh to the shores of the Frenchy and Chic.


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