Review :: Band Of Magicians – Sydney Festival

January 13th 2014

band of magicians

Where: The Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

How much: $50-$180

How good is it:

Webster’s English Dictionary defines Band Of Magicians as ‘Word Not Found’. Well, let me tell you, the dictionary is not the only place from which this magic group have made things disappear.

The show gets off to a pretty impressive start; the band introduces themselves by predicting the thoughts of audience members and offer some reverse heckling in the process. After they split up to do their individual performances the show remains top notch, with tricks that will have you gagging, reeling in silence or screaming ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT?’ to passers by in the street for days.

The tricks are neither generic nor googleable, and the very few acts that don’t have you spinning in bewilderment will have you impressed at the craftsmanship, timing and performance. The band have clearly put in a grand piano sized effort (you’ll get the joke when you see the show) with as much attention going towards the crowd as into their craft. There is quite a bit of audience involvement, so there is a better-than-average chance you’ll get picked to be part of the wonder.

4.5/5 Rabbits out of a hat.


Season: 10-19 January

Tue-Sat at 7.30pm / Sat & Sun at 2pm / No performance on Monday

Tickets: from Riverside Parramatta here


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