Rebels On Air Podcast #2: Shane O’Neill

March 10th 2017

“I’ve gotten to where I am by doing new tricks. It’s just effort: putting as much as I can into being able to do these new things that I want to do. Just like when I was a kid and I wanted to do a new trick – that’s what I’m doing now still. Little different level, but whatever…”

Each week, the Nike’s Rebels On Air Podcast introduces you to a talented local hero who is changing the game. In episode #2, your host FlexMami (Sidechains) chats with one of Australia’s most successful pro skateboarders: Shane O’Neill.

Find out how Shane got to G.O.A.T. status – from growing up skateboarding in the streets of Melbourne to living in LA as one of the most respected talents in the industry. He talks about opportunities for young skaters to follow in his footsteps, particularly now that social media has changed the game, and gives us a polite opinion on Jay Z.

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  • Rebels On Air :: #2 Shane O'Neill


Shane also picked some of his favourite songs – Jay Z included. Listen below.

  • George Harrison :: All Things Must Pass
  • Lil Wayne :: Street Chains
  • The Beatles :: A Day In The Life
  • Beach House :: Myth
  • Jay Z :: Politics As Usual


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