Preview :: These Walls Have Ears

April 23rd 2013

Flashback to the 1800s at the Harbour shore…

Today’s tourist eateries were once modest villages run by ex-convicts starting anew. Hardworking and innovative settlers built new communities from the ground up, often hungry and always surrounded by hardships.

Fortunately, the arrival of the first windmills allowed the grinding of vast quantities of flour, providing food for the colonies. But these windmills weren’t just a place to grind wheat and maize—they became a cultural hub for the arts. Like the Moulin Rouge, these windmills became a place for theatre and creativity.

Windmills dominated for 20 years, but due to being made of timber (which easily rots in Sydney’s climate) and the introduction of steam power, they have disappeared.

Thanks to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, you can now step back in time at the Rocks where a popup windmill has been constructed. The Rocks Windmill can be found at The Rocks Square from 12 April – 12 May and open 9am – 5pm daily. Many organisations are hosting events for free – including us!

In conjunction with The Rocks Windmill, All the Best (broadcast every Saturday at 10:30 AM on FBi) is proud to present These Walls Have Ears. The event will uncover the history that lies within the heart of The Rocks through a combination of short films, live music from Sam Wotherspoon of Cuckoos, and live storytelling which you’re invited to contribute to. Having already premiered the event on April 13, the team have defeated all their pre-show butterflies – so you’ll be in for some seriously magical storytelling come April 26. Bring your friends and family, a cushion (a rustic wooden bench looks sexy but can you make you a little sore) and a thermos of tea, and settle in for a fun night of past adventures.


 Photos by Saida Largaespada


What: These Walls Have Ears

Who: All the Best Radio and Special Guests

When: 26th of April 6 – 9 PM

Where: Inside a windmill! (at Rocks Square)

How much: Free!


All The Best | The Rocks Windmill



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