Preview :: Chauvel Cinémathèque

February 4th 2013

While UFO conspiracy theorists are disappearing within overlapping realities, an astronaut in the far off reaches of outer space is ordered to destroy planet Earth’s last surviving plant life and a burlesque dancer is strangled by her own G-string. February is looking sharp!

What the devil does it all mean? In short, a kooky way to pass your Monday nights over the next month.

All this and more makes up the cult classic line-up of the Chauvel Cinémathèque, a collection of films showing every Monday at 6.30pm at Paddington’s Chauvel Cinema.

Kicking off tonight, the first feast for your eyes is William Wellman’s 1943 striptease mystery-comedy Lady of Burlesque. (Want a taste? Check out “the G-String song“. Need I say more?)

This is followed by The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928, France), a landmark silent film that, aside from its famed experimental direction and cinematography, is most known for actress Renee Jeanne Falconetti’s incredible lead performance.

Science fiction buffs will froth over Damon Packard’s Foxfur (2012), a sensory overload of flashing special effects, layered sound design, UFO pop culture references and a plot that is as complex as the themes of time and space travel that the film explores. With multiple actresses playing the part of the main character and a fragmented plot line, you’ll give your brain a work out trying to follow Packard’s idea that “there are literally two realities now folding over each other in conflict, and the new reality is a completely artificial construct”. Wow.

The month’s line-up ends with the 1972 award-winning doco The Making of Silent Running, that gives an intimate insight into the directorial debut of Douglas Turnbull (special effects guru from such films as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Star Trek, etc. etc.), and the production team that worked on his environmental-sci-fi film Silent Running.

Screenings are open to members and guests, but membership is cheap and available at the door. For more info check out the Chauvel’s website.


WHERE: Chauvel Cinema, Paddington
WHEN: Mondays 6.30pm
PRICE: Membership ranges from $20 +

PS: If you’re underage, check the ratings first – most Chauvel Cinematheque films are 18+ unless the film has been rated otherwise in Australia.



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