Preview :: ‘Balances’ exhibition by West

March 19th 2013

Everything is in balance…

Or is it? Somehow, life finds some kind of symmetry to keep us on the straight and narrow (or sometimes the wonky and obtuse). This is the subject of a new exhibition by WEST, kicking off at the Tate Gallery on Wednesday.

WEST is Joel Cameron, a Sydney-based artist and member of psych drawlers Dead China Doll. Joel has been involved in the skate and DIY scenes around the traps for years, but this is the first time he’s let his artwork really take centre-stage. Having taken part in group shows around the country, this is WEST’s debut solo exhibition – and we think it looks flippin’ rad.


“BALANCES explores the concept of delicate balances which occur in life, the relationship of the natural world with technology along with this earthly realm with the supernatural through a series of prints, paintings and sculpture.”



Robot-esque humans? Or human-esque robots? Masks, faces or simply childish symmetry? WEST’s work is elegantly simple and addictive to the eye. Go and see it in real life, and get your balance sorted out…


WHAT: ‘Balances’ by WEST

WHERE: The Tate, 345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

OPENING NIGHT: Wednesday 20 March, 6pm

ATTEND: on facebook


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