PREMIERE: You’re In My Headphones by Lupa J

November 22nd 2018

Photo: Nathan Moas  

Lupa J follows up the yearning dancefloor melancholy of ‘Drift’ with ‘You’re In My Headphones’, a pop paean to the artist’s new-found freedom of spirit. It premiered on Arvos with Tommy Codling.

‘You’re In My Headphones’ is the product of tough times turned around, and sees Lupa J delighting in the relief and excitement of shaking free – “I’m counting up the days without the shame / hoping that you’ll notice my new name“. Using the 90s-era pop house tool kit, YIMH conjures the same electrifying sense of possibility that was so characteristic of house production during that period. Piano chords, airy synths, effortless vocals and plenty of space – but added to this is a real songwriter’s sensibility. In its unexpected chordal turns and multi-bar melodic phrasing YIMH displays a subtle Beck-style inventiveness that gives it a real edge.

YIMH is taken from her forthcoming debut album “Swallow Me Whole” and with just two releases, Lupa J has shown a multi-dimensionality to her songwriting that’s keeping us on edge for that drop.


You can listen to Lupa J’s interview with Caitlin Medcalf from earlier this year, and check out the vid for ‘Drift’ below.




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