PREMIERE: Vlossom deliver a funk-infused call to arms on ‘Gotta Prepare For This’

March 24th 2020


Image: Imogen Grist

A track that’s as timely as it is fun, Vlossom’s newest release ‘Gotta Prepare For This’ premiered on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser this morning.

Any brainchild of Nick Littlemore (PNAU, Empire of the Sun) and Alister Wright (Cloud Control) was always bound to be excellent, and excellent it is. Since the debut of their collab project Vlossom late last year, they’ve pushed out a super solid slew of singles that expertly infuse elements from pop, psych rock, electronic and funk.

Their latest, ‘Gotta Prepare For This’, sees the pair slow it down a tad. Of the track, Nick says;

“This one is a deep felt, teen kinda feeling that reappears as savage anxiety colours washed out of a scene, carrying planks inside the guts all twisted, desperation sets in and a longing for salvation in the form of the special someone or place that brings harmony.”

Hits extra close to home right now, huh? But the track is mighty good at retaining its optimism – mainly thanks to its funk-heavy guitars and Alister’s stirring vocals, about which Alister revealed;

“Like most of the songs I had no context. Nick had the instrumental ready and just put me in a room with headphones on and a mic. This one sounded slower and heavier than the others, so I used one of my big characters and let it out. I was looking out the window at the tall buildings, thinking about how we really need to work together or everything’s gonna be fucked.”

That we do, friends. That we do. A perfect soundtrack for the current day, stream ‘Gotta Prepare For This’ below.

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