Premiere: The existential howl of Bored Shorts’ Figure 8

August 9th 2018

Former Indie Artists of the Week Bored Shorts are back at it with a couple of extra band members and a new single – Figure 8.

Kicking it off with a haunting ‘verby bass line, the song quickly erupts with crisp guitars, drums and synth into something distinctively Bored Shortsian. Full of 20-something yearning but still lithe and optimistic, the instrumental gets painted down by Dom Hoban’s viscous vocal spread thickly across it.

The song is about the patterns we’re forever doomed to repeat, with Hoban playing a sort of modern day Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the hill over and over. His long pained lines, often landing flat and sliding up to their note, go past melancholy into a sort of existential agony, made even more authentic and visceral by his unattenuated aussie accent. In support, a gang vocal serves as sort of an 80s pub rock greek chorus – witnesses to the central tragedy of an anti-hero trapped forever by his futile assignment. Maaaate.

The video (👇), directed by Rudolf Zverina, physicalises the tortured vocal with Hoban being dragged howling across the sand by torch-light by his bandmates – at times submissive; at times resistant. A perfect distillation of what is becoming Bored Shorts’ signature.

Figure 8 is another A+ release from a great fucking band who are just at the beginning. The EP’s on its way so get into it.

Bored Shorts are launching Figure 8 with another former Indie of the Week The Buoys at the Hollywood on Sunday. Check the FB event HERE!



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