PREMIERE: TARINI adorns her heart on her sleeve on debut single ‘Do You Wanna Dance’

November 11th 2020
Powerful and moody, TARINI’s perseverance and a self-described “lifetime of artistic observation” pays off in her debut single ‘Do You Wanna Dance’. The track got its very first radio spin today on Lunch with Kiki Amberer.
Born into the Sri Lankan arts communities in Melbourne and Canberra and quickly falling head over heels for music, TARINI’s debut single earmarks the end of a lifetime of insecurity about sharing her passions with the world. Fittingly, ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ exudes the energy of being in and enjoying the moment, despite the external complications of the world.
“[The song is] about the kind of romance where you long so deeply for someone and regardless of how beautiful the actual connection between you and this person is, this said person is always pulling you and the relationship into a negative space and complicating things. [It’s] almost a metaphor for like can we just stop for a second and enjoy this?”

Profound and relatable to so many of us, it’s a song to crank it up to in the car till you feel the bass in the seats and the windows rattle. Collaborating with Melbourne producer Stuart B (illstrtd), the duo have delivered a track that feels cathartic in its collision of minimalist vocals and a maximalist violin-laden instrumental.

TARINI’s debit single ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ out on all streaming platforms November 14th. Get your first listen below!

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