PREMIERE: Deep n dark – it’s Bin Juice’s latest Swish

August 29th 2018

  • Bin Juice :: Swish (Premiere)

Bin Juice returns with Swish – a dark, hugely satisfying slow-burner produced by The Goods’ beatmaestro Ross Ferraro. It premiered on Mornings with Eddy Diamond.

While 2017’s Watermellon EP had some neat production flourishes, it was predominantly a band affair – drums, guitars and sax. The bolder nu school programming and layering on Swish (a hallmark of producer Ferraro’s recent stuff) adds depth and some real gravitas to Bin Juice’s sound.

Jazzy chordal agility and heavy groove are still the guiding principles, but the dominant guitars of Watermellon step back into a supporting role, with push’n’pull hip-hop elements and atmospherics taking the lead. Distant shimmering synths offset ominous bass drones, and tense overlaid percussion skips between triplets and rapid-fire trap hats, never quite locking in with guitar arpeggios so relaxed they almost fall off the back of the beat. This restless rhythm section is soothed by Eli Kwiet’s Krulesque underbite drawl and some omnipresent opium den tenor sax.

Swish is sober, down-tempo sophistication from a band with tonnes of raw skill and talent. It marks the next step in their refinement, and it’s a big step up.

Check out Swish up top, then catch Bin Juice at King St Crawl this weekend.

WHAT: King Street Crawl
WHO: Bin Juice
WHERE: Bank Hotel Front Bar
WHEN: Sunday 2 September, 7pm (headline)
Tune in to Mornings with Eddy Diamond every Wednesday & Thursday 9-12.


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