PREMIERE: The suburban catharsis of Neigbourhood Void’s Kid

February 25th 2019

Photo: Dani Hansen 

Whether or not they still see themselves as the gutter punks who made 2017’s ‘Childhood Trauma’ LP, with new single ‘Kid’ Neighbourhood Void have graduated with honours to wall-of-sound grunge monsterhood.

Under the production guidance of Dylan Adams (West Thebarton, DMA’s), the band has added a generous streak of Nirvana to their heavy-hitting take on suburban life – the exclusive use of major bar chords, the huge hi-def drum sound, Cobain’s signature quiet-LOUD-quiet technique with clean strumming erupting into a roaring edifice of slammed distortion, and a catchy af melody disguised by feigned apathy one second, primal Lithium-grade howling the next.

But while a lot of bands have reproduced the aesthetics of this era, not many have pulled off as authentic and fresh a take as Neighbourhood Void have here, and it’s down to the strength of the songwriting. Tight, smart and direct – it’s the thing that you can’t contrive and it’s what sets them apart.


Stare into the void via NV’s bandcamp.


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