PREMIERE: Sawmill provides refuge in familiarity on ‘Heading Home’

August 31st 2020

In a time where the idea of ‘home’ has taken on so much new meaning, homegrown indie artist Sawmill paints an evocative picture of what home looks like for him. His latest track ‘Heading Home’ premiered on Mornings with Maia Bilyk.

For those of us privileged enough to have a safe place to live at the moment, we’ve been afforded many a spare hour to contemplate what it is that home means to us. After months spent in our houses, Sydney solo artist Sawmill (aka Nick McMillan) invites you to celebrate what it is that makes a home.

DIY in the truest sense, McMillan has written, performed, recorded and mixed all of his own work. Creating somewhere within the realms of alt-rock, shoegaze and folk, he describes his stuff as “introspective, dreamy and visually evocative.” This is all entirely true of his latest single ‘Heading Home’ – slow and sunny guitar riffs and gentle vocals make for a comforting 4 minute listen.

As always, it’s a treat to see your own home portrayed on screen, so any Sydney-sider will get a kick out of the track’s music video. Phone footage depicts the brutal spires of Sydney Park, the bustling exterior of Broadway shopping centre, Newtown’s King St heaving as always, and a late night expedition with a friend or a lover to the institution that is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. We’re left reminded that of the things that make home feel like home.

Watch the lovely lil video for Sawmill’s ‘Heading Home’ below & keep an eye out for his debut LP ‘Back to the Old House’ out in November.
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