Premiere :: Nicole Millar ‘Fall’ video

November 13th 2013

Nicole Millar

It’s impossible not to have a crush on Nicole Millar.

The Sydney singer-songwriter first gained our attention with her soul-melting vocals on the Cosmo’s Midnight tack ‘Phantasm’. Having also collaborated with What So Not‘s Emoh Instead, she’s currently working on her solo music as well as a track with Peking Duck… it seems like this girl knows exactly where to step next. Oh, and she’s not half bad to look at.

In light of our big ol’ girl crush, we’re excited to offer you first peep at the video for Nicole’s new single ‘Fall‘. (featured on our free local music mixtape The Rip Vol. VIII)!

The tripper of a video was made by Jack Toohey, who also shot the clip for ‘Phantasm’. Nicole and Jack “wanted to create a music video that matched the mysteriousness and ambience of the song,” and there’s certainly a feeling of mystique as you drift through this video.

‘Fall’ is a voyeuristic dreamland built from translucent purples and greens, and a very white bra.

There’s something incredibly captivating about this video – and it’s not just Nicole. Seriously. There’s a sense of aching nostalgia that filters through the grainy footage, running alongside the feeling that you’ve recently slipped a little piece of cardboard under your tongue.


Download ‘The Fall’ on FBi’s The Rip! Mixtape



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