PREMIERE: June Jones lays her musical self bare on ‘Jenny (Breathe)’

October 13th 2020

Photo: Myles Pedlar

Not just a song, but a whole self-produced work of art – ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is the latest from singer-songwriter June Jones. The track got its first spin on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser this morning.

Not one to forego artistic control, ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is June Jones’ first wholly self-produced release – the result of teaching herself how to use Ableton. It’s also being released via Emotion Punk Records, her own imprint within Remote Control Records.

It’s clear that ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is a natural product of Jones’ end-to-end artistic process. Of the track, she says:

“The song is in part an ode to my lifelong love of science fiction, and it’s a song in which I am singing to myself as well as anyone who is hurting and needs a place to rest, recalibrate, and breathe. It’s a song about surviving inner trauma and outer dystopia, though I don’t think it’s easy to separate the two.”

The obvious sci-fi influences, the vulnerable and rousing vocals, and the sharp drum-inflected production evoke Caroline Polachek or even Pop 2-era Charli XCX. Jones sits comfortably among a powerful group of musicians who aren’t afraid to employ every stylistic and emotional tool in their arsenal.

The song’s accompanying video is a semi-DIY effort that perfectly encapsulates the mood:

“Something both warm and cold, alive and inanimate, populated and desolate.”

It’s the evident ease with which Jones traverses these juxtapositions that makes the song so fascinating, and it feels like an important culmination for an artist figuring herself out. Check out the new video for June Jones’ ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ below.

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