PREMIERE: Huck Hastings does apocalyptic prom music on ‘Anthem for the End of the World’

May 21st 2020

Huck Hastings

Sydney sweetheart Huck Hastings returns with the timely, emotive and ‘Anthem for the End of the World’. The track got its first radio spin on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser this morning.

A track titled ‘Anthem for the End of the World’ released amidst the second national crisis we’ve faced as a nation in 2020 may feel like a lot to absorb right now. But we promise Huck Hastings’ delicate approach to songwriting and extraordinary vulnerability does more than just soften the blow.

Written about the recent bushfire crisis, produced by Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Julia Stone) and featuring backing vocals from fellow indie darling Ainsley Farrell, ‘Anthem for the End of the World’ is built on a bed of gentle acoustic guitar for Hastings’ sombre yet sweet vocals.

When asked how to describe the track, he says; “I like the idea of it being kind of Apocalypse prom music.”  With lyrics as cinematic as “C’mon lets dance/As the world ends/Pretend we’re infinite/Pretend we’re more than more than this” – we reckon this rings true.

If you’re all in your feels right now, this one’s a good one for staring out car windows/rainy days in bed/contemplating your life path etc. that still manages to leave you feeling at least mildly optimistic about the future. Between this track and his other recent releases ‘Hey Babe’ and ‘Soft – An Epilogue’, it’s evident that Hastings has quite the knack for balancing melancholy and joy, and his candid lyricism speaks to the many many complexities of navigating the big wide world as we know it today.

Be one of the first to hear Huck Hastings’ ‘Anthem for the End of the World’ below before some smart TV producer snaps it up to soundtrack an on-screen prom heartbreak moment.

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