PREMIERE: Gamirez pushes the danceability factor up to 11 with ‘To The Max’

August 15th 2019

African-Australian rapper and producer Gamirez just gave us the first taste of his forthcoming EP WORK, and it’s maximising a special kind of hip hop bounce that’s gunna get you grooving. Its single ‘To The Max’ premiered on Arvos with Tommy Codling.

‘To The Max’ showcases a different sound for Gamirez, with heavy trap drums and soft piano taking more of a front seat. It’s a mellow ride, with darker twists and turns, and it arrives as precursor to the fresh sound we’ll hear in the EP. Gamirez has clearly mastered his craft here; seamlessly weaving smooth instrumentals, auto-tuned adlib, and an amazing flow.

Gamirez first captured our attention with his debut single ‘NaNa’, serving up a quick, wavy rhythm and gaining serious air time. It was also included in Spotify curated playlists Beats & Bars and Mellow Styles.

Since then, he’s given us everything from danceable romps like ‘LUV’ and ‘U KNXW’, to pile driving hip hop tracks like ‘Guarantee’ and ‘Grinding’. ‘Guarantee’ has been featured on MTV Call as well as Response Hip Hop, generating Gamirez thousands of streams across YouTube and other platforms.

This year, he launched is own label ‘1 Demerit’, which aims to provide a platform for minorities int the Australian music scene.

You can listen to ‘To The Max’ below. Enjoy it in all its grooviness, and keep an eye out for WORK. 

Tune in to Arvos with Tommy Codling every Thursday from 3pm.


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