PREMIERE: Edgez serves V-Day vibes on ‘Company’

February 14th 2020


In need of a lil company this V-Day? Young RnB gun Edgez has ya covered. Her new single ‘Company’ premiered on Arvos with Grace and Al.

‘Edgez’ is the moniker of 21-year-old Serina Lunatte, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter born and raised in Sydney. Hustling hard to put together her debut EP slated for a mid-2020 release, she’s collaborating with creatives the world over, from Sydney to London and even Marseille.

Her newest single ‘Company’ is a classic RnB track that showcases Edgez’ dark future RnB sound in all its glory. Obvious electronic and hip hop influences coupled with her youthful vocals makes for a totally dreamy listening experience.

The track centres on somebody who’s searching for some casual no-strings company, and tackles the double standards of modern romance. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, amirite?

Go forth & text that big ol’ red flag if you want to – we won’t judge. Maybe stream Edgez’ new track ‘Company’ below while you do so.

Tune in to Arvos with Grace and Al every Friday from 3pm – 6pm!


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