PREMIERE: Core Self masters the art of introspection on ‘Follow You’

April 6th 2020

Core Self

Personal evolution never sounded so cool. Core Self (fka ZEFGIRLCLUB) had her brand new one ‘Follow You’ premiere on Arvos with Tanya Ali.

The time has come to officially say goodbye to FBi Radio Dance Class graduate & young beatmaker ZEFGIRLCLUB, a regular fixture of hay-day Sydney club nights, and friend of FBi dance music shows such as Switch and Purple Sneakers. Instead, say hello to Core Self – her brand new project. Who doesn’t love a good personal reinvention moment?

So who is Core Self, exactly? Elisabetta, the brains behind Core Self, explains;

“She is a self that is working to reconstruct our most depersonalised sectors. A self that creates spaces for evolution…a self that is an all encompassing masculine and feminine energy. A self that transcends bounds of sexuality as we know it. She is the self that simmers within until we are ready to call upon her and bring her out.”

Her brand new release, ‘Follow You’, fulfils that promise and then some. The track is moody and deliberately spacious, making room for plenty of self-reflection and introspection. It’s deeply meditative, entirely mesmerising and demonstrates Elisabetta’s new found artistic maturity.

Looking forward to the future of Core Self, she hopes that her work will continue to provide space for personal and spiritual confrontation, healing and purging, and give listeners the tools to reach The Highest State. Naturally, we’re pretty keen to see what’s next for Core Self, but in the mean time, stream ‘Follow You’ below. Wanna throw your support behind Core Self? Check out her Bandcamp.

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