Premiere: CLYPSO frees herself on new single ‘Save Me’

November 15th 2017

Fusing tribal drums with introspective lyrics, ‘Save Me’ is the latest from Sydney producer and vocalist CLYPSO. Exploring internal worlds and saving yourself from yourself, hear it first on FBi Radio.

Departing slightly from the hyperactivity of tracks like ‘Higher’ and ‘YOLO’, ‘Save Me’ harnesses CLYPSO’s signature afrobeat sound and looks inward, delving into the former Indie Artist of the Week‘s innermost workings. Written after coming out of a pretty emotionally rough patch, CLYPSO found herself escaping a self-imposed mental funk through music.

Letting us in on how the track came about, CLYPSO got started on ‘Save Me’ in a pretty unlikely setting… warming up before she was to take to the stage at a wedding.
“I found myself alone in this beautiful hall with a grand piano. I really liked the timbre of the low notes of the piano and how it echoed so I started playing a bass line and chords and just enjoyed how it sounded in the space.
Although I started writing the song on the piano, I really wanted to have a very oceanic feel to it: the sensation of tumbling in the waves, the ebb and flow, the ying and yang, the light and the dark. So I took that recording from my phone back to my little bedroom studio, incorporated tribal drum beats, strings and the kalimba to communicate the vastness and the movement.”
Premiered on Arvos with Alex Pye, ‘Save Me’ by CLYPSO is out now. Dive in below.



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