Premiere: Club Weld collaborate with Rainbow Chan, Dro Carey & George Nicholas (Seekae) for ‘Remix The House’

November 2nd 2017

Photo credit: Daniel Boud

In a first-of-its-kind collab, musicians on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities have worked with local mentors to turn the ambient sounds of the Sydney Opera House into music.

From the clang of stage winches to the creaking of underground seawater pumps, Club Weld participants captured field recordings during Vivid LIVE earlier this year. Mentored by electronic artists Rainbow Chan, George Nicholas (Seekae) and Eugene Ward (Dro Carey/Tuff Sherm) as part of the Club Weld residency, the group also worked with the Opera House’s audio production team on the finer points of audio engineering, music production and composition.

The result? Twelve eclectic tracks that reflect the art, acoustics and architecture of Australia’s most iconic building.

Based out of the Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E) in Parramatta, Club Weld provides a supportive environment for its participants to develop skills and confidence in all areas of music making, from one-on-one sessions to experimental collaborations.

An exclusive selection of  ‘Remix The House’ tracks were premiered by experimental music program Ears Have Ears. Listen out for contributions from Rainbow Chan on ‘Burn Like A Star’, Dro Carey on ‘The World In The Future’ and George Nicholas on ‘Reverb (Andrew’s Ambient Interview)’.

The Club Weld musicians involved in this project are Corey Barclay, Andrew Barrett, Clare Brown, Paolo Donia, Kate Field, Charbel Nehme, Jerrah Patston, Chris Stiles, Thomas ‘TJ’ Stines, Anthony Talarico, Ashley Unterrheiner and Jonathan Yung with Pasko Schravemade, Jerry Kahale and Victoria Harbutt.

Club Weld ‘Remix The House’ is available to purchase via bandcamp. Hear interviews with Club Weld facilitator Sam Worrad and Club Weld participants Clare Brown and Jerrah Patston on Ears Have Ears.



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