Premiere: Rainbow Chan disturbs the norm on ‘The Creator’

November 9th 2017

Interrogating gender, sexuality and love, Rainbow Chan has just unleashed ‘The Creator’. Premiering this afternoon on FBi Radio, it’s the second taste from her new EP ‘FABRICA’, due out later this month.

Weaving textured, minimal pop with a set of frustratingly familiar scenes, ‘The Creator’ is a powerful response to normalised gendered behaviour. Drawing from the everyday experiences of her female identifying family and friends, Rainbow has rolled a myriad of resilient stories into an act of resistance; the discounting of stories, dismissal of relationships and brushing off of experiences are not to be excused.

Of the track, Rainbow had this to say:

“Every time a woman is interrupted, undermined or silenced by a man, our cry becomes stronger. We don’t need your validation or your weak regurgitations of things we already know. Of course, these gendered relations don’t fit neatly into a binary and I extend this message to include trans and non-binary individuals around me. “The Creator” was written for us: to disturb the norm, to give us a song to sing when our confidence falters, and to lay down the loam for us, and only for us, to bloom.”

With the release of her new EP only days away, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from our most played artist of 2016.


‘The Creator’ is out now. FABRICA will be released digitally and on limited purple cassette through Healthy Tapes on November 17.



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