Premiere: Albert Street don’t know when to quit on ‘Twice Before’

November 27th 2019

Albert Street

Melbourne indie-rock outfit Albert Street are no strangers to the uniquely millennial way of doing romance. Their latest single ‘Twice Before’ premiered on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis.

Albert, Chris, Luke and Layla (yes, you read that correctly) are Albert Street – a recent formation of Melbourne-based indie rockers whose meetings were perhaps purely coincidental, but ultimately led to a pretty positive outcome. Hailing from Alice Springs, Jakarta, Melbourne and Goulburn respectively, they’ve spent their most recent pre-Albert Street years doing the rounds in the Aus punk scene, and making enemies out of one neighbour thanks to a precarious bedroom drum kit set up.

Their latest offering, ‘Twice Before’, evokes a pretty simple concept. You’re attempting to move on from a relationship that you objectively know isn’t the best for you, but you’re not at all confident in your ability to stick to your plan. Because you’ve been there, done this, no less than twice before. Simple, but relatable AF, right?

On ‘Twice Before’, Albert Street have co-opted this classic millennial conundrum and made it the butt of a joke that we’re all in on. They’re giving us relaxed instrumentation feat. some hero guitars a la Mac DeMarco and King Krule, complemented by a healthy dose of charming self-deprecation. It’s honest, energetic, but most importantly – it’s really fun.

Stream ‘Twice Before’ below. It’s a big ol’ vibe.



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