PREMIERE: Science & art in(ter)sect on Agency’s ‘Buffaloes’

June 24th 2020
Arachnophobes beware! Agency’s ‘Buffaloes’ is not for the faint of heart. The latest track from the Canberran noise punk outfit premiered on Stuck Together with Ben Hansen.

Alarming Fact of the Day: there is a mystery cluster of 25,000 tarantulas (!!) living near a remote community in the Northern Territory.

It takes a special kind of artist to find beauty in something as terrifying as an unexplained tarantula infestation, but trust Canberra’s resident “DIY noise punk mess” Agency to pull it off and then some. Agency’s bassist Luke Robert explains:

I was initially struck by the beauty of such a unique discovery but I quickly developed an affinity for the scientist as a character in the story…I kept thinking that [Dr. Robert] Raven was not only describing his findings in the tarantula case but also describing or distilling the essence, the joy of discovery in science. This in spite of working in a field where a life’s work can be erased with an exploitive denial of facts. 

Dubbing it “the beauty of natural menace”, the resulting single ‘Buffaloes’ documents “the beauty in science”, and packs an equally beautiful and menacing punch.

After many transformative moments since 2015’s ‘Stillness of Speed’, ‘Buffaloes’ marks a new dawn for the four piece. Sporting guest features from Joel Saunders, Hannah de Feyter and Peter Hollo, and mixed and mastered by the legendary Jonathan Boulet, the tracks’ rumbling bass riff, crisp instrumentation and ominous vocal delivery are all signature hallmarks of excellent Australian punk.

What sets Agency apart is their apparent curiosity, and a unique ability to craft a story from the bizarre. Read: how many other bands can you name that would write a track about 25,000 random tarantulas? But by virtue of great musicianship, it really works.

Stream ‘Buffaloes’ by Agency below & cop it via Bandcamp – all of Agency’s proceeds will be donated to the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT, Pay The Rent and Black Lives Matter.

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