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Robbie Armfield and Mitchell Jasey equip YOU with all things modernity.

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Outside Broadcast

Our first outside broadcast from sunny Coogee! We introduce you to our new monkey intern Lawrence, detail our personal isolation hygiene routines, and take a listen to some faves from new podcasting network Podpalace! Hope you’re doing well. Playlist: Jorge Elbrecht - Traces of Death (feat. Ariel Pink) Sibylle Baier - The End The Gentle Hand of Ecstasy - PENNY Dirty Projectors - Overlord (Sandy) Alex G - Near The Beach Boys - Our Prayer Special thanks to Podpalace, Luke Hemsworth Gym App, and Damien’s Audio Equipment Sydney Hire and Rental Services [This episode was recorded on the 29th of March 2020, preceding the current laws in place that would disallow the gathering of the team as they did on that day. In no way, shape or form is Robbie’s Modern Life breaking any law - or promoting doing so - by airing this pre-recorded content.]

Virtual Tapas

No need to lunch alone! Join us for an online banquet of global proportions… PLUS a night of Irish comedy, Sydney light rail themed guided meditation and healing through humour (song parody compilation) Playlist: SPLITROACH/TERRORSLIDE/2049-2NX - HAKKEN PHOENIX Gwen Stefani - Bubble Pop Electric Woo - Did You See Erasure - Always Vampire Weekend - Lord Ullin’s Daughter Special thanks to John Bartler and O’Malley’s Hotel and Bar


Exclusive “infected only” party in Bondi this weekend helmed by local legend DJ Goodlife PLUS Tom Hanks’ Pre Memoriam, we review a new 8 Piece Fleece Bedding Set, play new games and a garrison of troops holed up in a fort on the border of NSW and QLD need our help once more… Hope you’re doing ok. Playlist: The Garden - Sneaky Devil Oneohtrix Point Never - Inside World Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults Throbbing Gristle - Subhuman King Gizzard - I’m Sleepin’ In Special thanks to Down With Sickness events

Mitch Snaps

Yup. It finally happened… PLUS Sydney Opera House tourist slump solutions, best movies to watch on your period and the debut of Just Boy Things Playlist: Little Dragon - Are You Feeling Sad? Pharmakon - Devour Barbarra Carr - If You Can’t Cut The Mustard Charlotte Adigery - Paténipat Cocteau Twins - Essence Special thanks to Trader John’s 10 Ply


What can we learn from the troop of baboons that escaped RPA hospital? Sophie’s fave bath bombs on this week’s Just Girly Things and Robbie talks with Red Bluebottle for Books Ahoy about his new book ‘Rear This’ Playlist: Caribou - Sunny’s Time Aaliyah - One In A Million Hypnotic Sleep - De dröigen Blaar Thundercat - Dragonball Durag TOBACCO - Sweatmother Vampire Weekend - Rich Man Thanks to Goman Y Goozmez, Rear Publishing and WIFIGO

Beach Cafe

We chat with real comedian Dan Rath about Sydney collective McDonald’s Comedy, prank Mitch AGAIN and debut “Just Girly Things” with Sophie Playlist: Yofrangel - Corona Virus Art of Noise - Moments In Love James Blake - DLM Lil B - Why Is The Pink Panther De Leon - B1 Initial D - Deja Vu Thanks to McDonald’s Comedy, Sydney Free Tram Zone and Sydney’s Hottest Nightclub

Welcome To Meet You

Rob n Bern hold down the fort while Mit n Soph are lazy elsewhere. We check in with our space-bound Italian (Lotto), discuss Peter Jackson’s new Tintin drinking app, et al. I’m obligated to thank Sarah (@suiixsyd) and Charlie (@iampoolroom) for the synth crap. Playlist: Lil B - Save The Planet Olivia Newton John - Magic Seconds Flatt - Happy Valentine’s Day Poolroom - Tangerine Shuggie Otis - XL-30 Follow the team online: @robbiearmfield @bernie.bolger @at.fbimitch @sopgordon

Uncut Yams

We attended and enjoyed our local community fete, wild weather, Top 5 Quora Qs Jan 2020, Books Ahoy with controversial author Red Bluebottle, Best Picture roundtable, Robbie calls in sick to new job and we’re sending an Italian into space! Playlist: Foxygen - The Thing Is Vilod - Wassernova Little Dragon - Stormy Weather John Howard Keating Fisher - Don’t Let The Music Ever Stop Jam Money - Dawn Swoop

Fulls Festival

Is Santa Claus the weirdest concept of our current society...? We discuss this PLUS Bernie’s baggage mixup with a bigtime celeb, exclusive lineup reveal of this year’s Fulls Festival, we play Dark Crypt with Ben (Prosper as a Millenial), and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker details how he made the theme music for new Stan Original series ‘Little Psycho’ Playlist: Beenie Man - Feel It Boy Caroline Polachek - Caroline Shut Up Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information Le1f - Zone Angel Freestyle, April 2014 Massimo Catalano - Foggy Night


Bongos, awesome animals, britain’s least sympathetic fathers and the double life of Mitch... Playlist: Thundercat - Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington) Doja Cat - Boss B*tch Waak Waak Djungi - White Cockatoo M.E.S.H. - Gov Patrol Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Acoustic Version) Sibylle Baier - Tonight

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