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Robbie Armfield and Mitchell Jasey equip YOU with all things modernity.

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RML #38 (4th September 2017)

Not Laugh Challenge // Sudoku Redux // Dr. Filler // WillSmith // The Barrel // RML College of Comedy Alumni: Tristan Haze // 'In The Bottom' by Charles Bukowski Playlist: Donny Benet - Konichiwa The Tuss - talkin2u mix2 +9 John Maus - The Combine Kirin J Callinan - Come On USA My Bloody Valentine - Is This And Yes Ariel Pink - Feels Like Heaven Greta Now - Map

RML #37 (28th August 2017)

General Chit Chat (feat. JokeBot) // 2 Loose 2 Broadcast (ChatsUp, Fire Starter, Upbeat Energy) // Podcasts We Like: Podcastaway // ‘The Most Incredible Thing’ by Hans Christian Andersen // The Great Sudoku Giveaway Playlist: Tobias Jesso Jr. - Hey Nico - These Days Fetus Productions - What’s Going On Arthur Russell - A Little Lost The Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason Mac DeMarco - Watching Him Fade Away

RML #36 (21st August 2017)

RML Singsong: 'Wish You Well' by Bernard Fanning // 'Harrison Bergeron' by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. // Anecdotes // Smack That // Hottest and Nottest Names of Summer 2017 // Leaked GoT Audio // Creative Process: Characters // Tune Out! Playlist: Aphex Twin - forgotten life path infinite bisous - lost in translation /1 Alice Coltrane - Wisdom Eye Actress - Jardin Tex Crick - Silver Mist Air - Cemetery Party Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

RML #35 (14th August 2017)

RML Drinking Game [ON THE SPRITES] // Sydney Sublime Funeral Photography: The Exhuming Ceremony [AD] // The Time Capsule // Ant Slaughter LIVE // Guerrilla Wedding // Hog’s Breath Brain Feast: Thought For Food // Foreign Correspondence: Kony 2012 @ Dog Meat Festival // Diversity Dog Picks

RML #34 (7th August 2017)

General ‘Official RML Facebook Page Launch Party’ Overview // Sydney Sublime Funeral Photography [AD] // Outdoor Audience Update // The Endorsements (feat. Dr Craig, Thai Carly, and Gary ‘Gaza’ Streep) // The Rules // The Countdown // Movie Guess // Let Us Entertain You! [COMEDY] // Honourable Mentions (feat. Dog Picks) // RML Singsong (feat. LIVE Studio Audience): ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ by Randy Newman

RML #33 (31st July 2017)

Official RML Facebook Page Launch Party Rundown // Ed Sheeran GoT [WTF] // Science Gossip (feat. Thai Carly) // RML Internal Awards // Dance Kulture! // Foreign Correspondence: Subcontinental Africa // Monsters, Inc. 4D: D-Day [AD] // Anecdote-Off (Anecdote Anticz)

RML #32 (24th July 2017)

Retrospective Splendour Guide // Radio Security // Clickbait // Modern Living: ‘Tension-Pressure’ Relief (feat. Thai Carly) // Where Aren’t They Now? [A Found Persons Initiative] // Hambaroo Theme Pork “Where You Digest The Action” // Radio Security Talent Show // RML FaceBook Page Launch [HYPE]

RML #31 (17th July 2017)

Fillet O’ Fish: Pronunciation!? // Where Are They Now? [A Missing Persons Initiative] // Robbie’s Ancient Life: Terrific Or Horrific? [Hieroglyphics] // Roaming Reporters // Modern Science With Dr Craig: “Ready The Nuclear Codes And Rip It Off Like A Bandaid If You Catch My Drift” // RML Dog Picks

RML #30 (10th July 2017)

Halloween In July [BOTCHED] // Minority Report // Discover China: The Szechuan Experience [Part 1] // Hogging The Mic [Hog’s Breath Cafe Initiative {SPONSORED CONTENT}] // Discover China: The Szechuan Experience [Part 2] // Hunting Cruise Nigeria: The Blood Diamond Experience {SPONSORED CONTENT} // On The Rise: Cyber Bullying // The Future // Sydney Aquarium: Gumtree Fish Sale // Nuking The Reef // Queensland Coast Guard {SPONSORED CONTENT} // Usher Exclusive #HighAndDryJuly // Fan Correspondence: Little Love [3rd Letter]

RML #29 (3rd July 2017)

Situational Attire: Rock It Or Knock It // Some Texts // Modern Living: Micro-Landfills // ‘Curse of the High IQ’ Ad // Clean Energy: Grave Spinnerz Inc. // Modern Science With Dr Craig: “Whiskey” // Aliens In The Whitehouse // Gene Simmons (‘The Kiss’) Interview // Fan Correspondence: Little Love [2nd Letter]

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