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RML #84 (6th August 2018)

RML Singalong: ‘Let’s Get Loud’ by Jennifer Lopez // Stand Up With Jordan Sharp // RML August Theme: You Decide! // Straya Man Reviews Gone Too Far? // Trader Joe’s 10 Ply Toilet Tissue {SPONSOR} // Exclusive Report From Mitchell Flakey



Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of

The Beach Boys - Little Bird

Art Tatum - Over The Rainbow

Massive Attack - Lately

Kody Nielson - Jo Jo’s Birthday

Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Not Yet Remembered

RML #83 (30th July 2018)

Mits Off The Shits {SPONSOR} // Vehicle Comedy With Tristan Haze // Top Gear’s Standing Nightmare // RML Black Thunder Specs // Mitchell’s Mini-Pod: Up Personal and Close // Troy Irving Community Initiative: Wheels On Wheels



Louis Cole - Things

David Bowie - Within You

Oneohtrix Point Never - Same

Neil Young - I Believe In You

George Duke - Foosh

George Gershwin & Tony Bennett - They All Laughed

RML #82 (23rd July 2018)

Bernie Has Some Explaining To Do… // Mitchell’s Mini-Podcast: Meet The Makers // Dopest Car Stereos // The Plan: Get On Hack. Hack The System.



David Bowie - Sons of the Silent Age

Westerman - Easy Money

Oneohtrix Point Never - We’ll Take It

The Kinks - Two Sisters

John Maus - We Can Break Through

Death Grips - Hacker

Popol Vuh - The Christ Is Near

RML #81 (16th July 2018)

RML Singalong: ‘Lift’ by Shannon Noll // Sydney Freeway Smackdown: What Sydney Freeway Are You? // Bring-Your-Car-To-Work Day // Craziest Uber Stories // Sydney Freeway Smackdown: What Sydney Freeway Are You? Winner!



OMC - How Bizarre

Eagles - Take It Easy

Shannon Noll - Drive

Simi Lacroix - Eyez On Tha Prize (Best Love)

Fast Crew - I Got

The Potbelleez - Don’t Hold Back

RML #80 (9th July 2018)

RML Black Thunder // Top 10 Servo Lifehacks // RML Professional Interviews: Shannon Noll’s Bassist // The Untolled Truths



Don Henley - Boys of Summer

The Beach Boys - Get Around

Robbie Miller - Road

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Shannon Noll - Lift

The Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line

The Cars - Who’s Gonna Drive You Home

RML #79 (2nd July 2018)

Drive July // Change Drive Time To Midday #DriveTimeMyTime2k18 // Ocean’s Brady // Drinkable Fuel {SPONSOR} // Good Cop Fair Cop



Rihanna - Shut Up and Drive

U2 - Vertigo

Rascal Flats - Life Is a Highway

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

Willie Nelson - On The Road Again

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Zaxx Remix)

Toto - Hold the Line

RML #78 (25th June 2018)

Drinkable Fuel {SPONSOR} // Terry Faucet: Billionaire. Prankster. // Gucci Giveaway // Ocean’s One // Gucci Giveaway Gone Wrong // Ocean’s One Giveaway // We Found The Next Shakespeare?



Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out the Neighbourhood

Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection

Mac DeMarco - Cooking Up Something Good

Mac DeMarco - Me and Jon Hanging On

Mac DeMarco & Jon Lent - I Was a Fool to Care (John Taylor Cover)

Mac DeMarco - Back Together

Mac DeMarco - Sister

Mac DeMarco - Still Together

RML #77 (18th June 2018)

Top 10 Free Wifi Spots In Sydney // FIFA World Cup Referee 18



Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra - Chaos Rain

John Maus - Mind the Droves

Brian Ellis - Zuckerberg Snatchers

Kody Nielson - James’ Birthday

Ween - Little Birdy

Laurence Pike - Cyber Bully

RML #76 (11th June 2018)

Top 10 Most Controversial Vivid Installations // Sushi Fever // Security Awareness Season: Most Secure Passwords 2018 {SPONSOR: iSbestos}



Kanye West & Kid Cudi - Feel The Love (feat. Pusha T)

John Maus - Dumpster Baby

Beach House - Pay No Mind

Buddy Ross - No Snow Cassette 3

Death Grips - Ha ha ha

Buldada - USA Howdy Doo Boogaloo

Faust - Just a Second

RML #75 (4th June 2018)

Who’s Who



Alice Coltrane - The Sun

AFX - midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm

Broadcast - Echo’s Answer

The Beach Boys - Time To Get Alone

Frank Zappa - We Can Shoot You

Death Grips - Black Paint

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