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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Serge Negus.

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Multi-talented Yorta Yorta rap superstar Adam Briggs talks to Serge Negus about, racism, comedy and writing with the creators of The Simpsons.

Kelly Brooke Nicholls

Kelly Brooke Nicholls has spent years in Colombia and latin America working as a journalist and in human-rights activist, experiencing the trauma and tragedy of the drug wars.

Shellie Morris

Acclaimed singer songwriter Shellie Morris speaks to Serge Negus about finding her long lost heritage after being adopted out as a baby.

Jenevieve Chang

Showgirl and author Jenevieve Change rebelled from her conservative Chinese roots and discovered what race and identity really mean.

Umit Bali

Illegal immigrant Umit Bali spent 15 years on the run from immigration before he realised the funny side of it, and decided to become a comedian.

Johnny Nguyen

Gangster, ice tester, criminal, Johnny Nguyen talks to Serge Negus about falling into a life of crime and fighting his way out.

Aislinn Lowe

Director, curator and influencer Aislinn Lowe talks what it takes to kill it as young woman in the creative world.

Geoffrey Winters

Gay, Indigenous and a Liberal party candidate, a few things you wouldn't usually put together, but that is Geoffrey Winters, hear him break down social stereotypes with Serge Negus.

Daniel Monks

At the age of eleven, Daniel Monks was struck down by a crippling acquired disability, and the realisation of his homosexuality... Leading him on journey down a dark path, that he has now well and truly emerged out of with flying colours.

Juliet Allen

Sexologist Juliet Allen talks about unhealthy relationships with sex and what we can do to...do it better.

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