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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Serge Negus.

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Jen Wong

Comedian, writer and all-round media star Jen Wong talks to Serge about racism and passionate enthusiasm for work.

Bianca Elmir

Woman, muslim, boxer, boss... what more is there to say about Bianca Elmir? A lot! Listen in to Her candid chat about going from kidnapped kid to boxing bad ass.

Jan Fran

Journalist, documentary maker and presenter of The Feed on SBS chats to Serge about travel, the media and feminism.

Scottie Marsh

The notorious Sydney street artsist Scott Marsh talks to Serge Negus about the politics of art, the graff scene and making a living out of what you love.

Maddison Connaughton

Features editor at VICE Australia Maddison Connaughton talks to Serge about the ups and the downs of working as a young journo.

Tim Omaji aka Timomatic

Tim Omaji aka Timomatic talks to Serge about pop music, creating, and the realities of being an African migrant in modern Australia.

Mark Humphries

Comedian, writer and political satirist Mark Humphries talks to Serge about finding humour in the darkness of politics.

Bhenji Ra

Trans activist, dancer, creator and all-round star Bhenji Ra talks influence and progression with Serge Negus.

Christine Forster

Former prime minister Tony Abbott's Lesbian sister talks about the public and polarising battle over marriage equality with her brother.

Vaughan Blakey

Editor-in-Chief of the Surfing World magazine Vaughan Blakey talks early days hedonism in surfing, the evolution of the sport and waves pools.

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