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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Serge Negus.

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Chris Csabs

At just 16 years of age Chris Csab began gay conversion therapy and in decade following, it left him celibate, feeling a deep sense of shame, and ultimately suicidal. But his story is one that has light at the end of the tunnel and chris is now a gay christian LGBTQIA advocate who is pushing governments to stop gay conversion therapy.

Emily Nichol

Indigenous broadcasting and all-round media talent Emily Nichols talks to Serge about powerful indigenous women and the best and brightest new indigenous artists.

Marty Smiley

Presenter and reporter for The Feed on SBS Marty Smiley talks to Serge about his Lebanese heritage and making great stories with a tongue in cheek.

Mari Andrew

Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator in New York City who has taken Instagram by storm with her modern take on becoming an adult.

Shaun White

The greatest snowboarder of all time, 3 times Olympic gold medalist, 15 times X-games gold medalist Shaun White talks to Serge about what life is like for a GOAT!

Alexis Okeowo

American writer and journalist Alexis Okeowo works for the new yorker as a staff writer and has spent years reporting across Africa, the experience of which she has now chronicled in a new book. 


Dave Thornton

Comedian, radio presenter and all-round funny man Dave Thornton chats to Serge about throwing away a secure job to become a dad and tour the comedy circuit. 

James Maskarlick


James Maskarlick is an emergency room doctor from Canada and a member for Medicins sans frontiers who spends half his life working in a state-of-the-art hospital in Toronto, the other half, in make do emergency rooms in Africa.

Jennifer Newman

Indigenous academic Jennifer Newman talks to Serge about the changing face of education for Australia's first people. 

Jen Wong

Comedian, writer and all-round media star Jen Wong talks to Serge about racism and passionate enthusiasm for work.

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