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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Joey Watson.

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Joey is joined by A'isyiyah - activist, community organiser and vocalist of SMAC nominated, anti-colonial hardcore group Arafura. Before music, A'isyiyah spent their childhood fighting for their family's rights to stay in Australia. It's this context that has informed a lot of their politics, expressed through music and otherwise. Arafura have just released a self-titled EP available via Bandcamp. All proceeds from the digital sales go to the Firesticks Alliance.

Osman Faruqi

Osman Faruqi is a journalist and commentator. And in that pursuit, he’s been exposed some of the most vitriolic, tactical abuse that Australia’s far right are capable of producing. Os has also had a stint as an engineer-in-training, been a political operator, and of-course has spent some time on the airwaves at FBi Radio. Producers: Bre Jones and Rebecca Merrick

Jane Caro

Jane Caro is now known best for her advocacy as a writer and public commentator but it all started in the no rules, man’s world of Australian advertising in the 1970s. Now with over 8 books behind her, including a memoir and a fiction series she has become synonymous with her advocacy around education reform and feminism. Producers: Rebecca Merrick and Bre Jones

Avani Dias

From South West Sydney, Avani is weeks away from taking over as the presenter of Triple J’s youth issues and current affairs program, Hack. Like many figures in the Australian media landscape, Avani got her chops right here at FBi Radio before she spent nearly three years as a reporter in the wild north at ABC Darwin. Producers: Bre Jones & Rebecca Merrick

Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch has an impressive stack of achievements to her name: seven albums, an acting career, a stack of ARIA’s, and a Rolling Stone Magazine ‘Woman of the Year’ nod. But away from the public view, she’s overcome childhood grief, found a way to manage anxiety and embraced life in just about a million ways. Her memoir, 'Your Own Kind of Girl' is out now. Producers: Rebecca Merrick & Bre Jones

Debra Keenahan

Debra Keenahan is a psychologist, academic, artist and activist. Currently undertaking her second PhD, she explores themes of Dehumanisation and the Disability Aesthetic throughout her work in both academia and visual art. Debra also has dwarfism and her experience of being Othered, sometimes with extreme cruelty, looms large in her work. It also gives her a unique perspective of humanity at its best and its worst. Debra’s works Being Debra and #Belittled are currently showing at The Big Anxiety Festival, presented by the University of NSW. Producers: Bre Jones and Rebecca Merrick

Gayle Austin

With an estimated 40,000 hours of music programming under her belt, Gayle Austin is Australia’s first female rock DJ. A true trailblazer, Gayle started working in Sydney radio in the late 1960s, producing for the shock jock John Laws among other icons of the airwaves. She then became an on-air icon herself, as a founding presenter of the ABC’s radical, underground youth station Double J in 1975. Producers: Bre Jones and Rebecca Merrick

Ruby Hamad

Writer Ruby Hamad’s bread and butter is tackling big issues like identity and intersectionality. As the daughter of Syrian-Lebanese refugees, Ruby has experienced the breadth of what it means to belong to a marginalised group in Australian society. She’s resisted cultural expectations from her family, fought discrimination in the work place, and the othering that Australia often dishes out to migrant groups. Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Bridie Tanner

Mornings radio star, Bridie Tanner, joins Out of the Box for our special Supporter Drive episode. From growing up in regional NSW, travelling around Australia in a protest rave as a young kid and coming to terms with the onset of her Mum’s mental illness at a young age, Bridie has brought a whole lot of life experience to the microphone. Become an FBi Radio supporter at fbiradio.com/support Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

DeRay McKesson

When protest broke out on the streets of Fergusson, Missouri in opposition to police violence against African American’s and other minorities, DeRay left a comfortable job as a school administrator and took up the cause of chronicling the resistance via Twitter. Not long after he has become one of the Black Lives Matter movements most high profile activists. Traveling the world with a cautious vision for truth and justice. Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

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