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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Joey Watson.

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Dor Akech Achiek


As a young boy, Dor Akech Achiek spent 9 years in a refugee camp in Kenya, after escaping war-torn South Sudan.

Once Australia accepted his family as refugees, as a teenager, Dor was educated at one of Sydney's most prestigious private schools.

He's recently represented Australia at the UNHCR and the Global Youth Refugee Youth Conference in Geneva.


Steve Bunbajee Hodder Watt

Steve Bunbajee Hodder Watt is a radio maker but you won’t hear him stuck in traffic in the city.

As the Senior News & Current Affairs presenter at Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association he broadcasts from Alice Springs into the desert, his audience hailing from some of the most remote parts of Australia, and some of that have been hit hardest by poor government policy.

He’s currently in Sydney for Audiocraft - it’s a podcast festival running from tomorrow until Sunday.

Mahmood Fazal

Mahmood Fazal was once the sergeant-of-arms of the Mongols, one of Australia’s largest outlaw motorcycle clubs. He was in an environment shrouded in addiction, violence and often death. Now this is the world and subculture he writes about for Vice Australia.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Nina Oyama

Nina Oyama, has been a bong smoker, a party goer, and done a dash working the counter at Supré but she is nothing short of a chronic overachiever.

Just out of uni she was picked up to play a recurring role in the hit comedy Utopia, she was a comedy writer and performer on Tonightly with Tom Ballard, and her self-written three part series The Angus Project was picked for the ABC’s Fresh Blood initiative just to name a few of her credits.

Her award-winning stand up show Needs a Lift is playing at Sydney Comedy Festival every night until Sunday 19 May.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Dr Karl

Karl Kruszelnicki is better known as ‘Dr Karl’ is an Australian science communicator and populariser. Dr Karl can be found on radio and television spitting out interesting but bizarre facts on science.

Dr Karl joins Joey on Out of the Box today to discuss how he ended up in Australia, the variety of jobs he’s worked and teaches us how radio works.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo


Akala is a rapper, who through his music, activism and writing are confronting issues of race and class that are at the heart of the legacy of the British Empire.

Our guest today has spoken at writers festivals, addressed the prestigious Oxford Union, done viral Ted Talks, written for rags as high flying as The Guardian and The Independent and researched history all around the world. 

Akala joins Joey on Out of the Box today to discuss his childhood, street violence and race.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright is a writer, poet and critic from South Sydney. While attending university at the age of 19, a malicious version of anorexia struck. One that would define her life today.

She is now an essayist and poet — reflecting on her experiences. Her book of essays, Small Acts of Disappearance, won the 2016 Queensland Literary Award for non-fiction, and her poetry collection, Knuckled, won the 2012 Dame Gilmore Award.

Fiona joins Joey on Out of the Box to discuss growing up, her experience in hospital, and living in Sri Lanka.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Ella Dreyfus

Ella Dreyfus is a photographer with an impressive career spanning over 30 years. Her work is often confronting and deals with issues as conceptual as masculinity to as real as the holocaust, and the shadow it has cast over her family history.

Ella is now a Senior Lecturer and Head of Public Programs at the National Art School in Sydney.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Sara Mansour

Sara Mansour is a lawyer, poet, co-founder and director of Bankstown Poetry Slam. Sara uses her art and passion for justice to empower others through poetry.

Sara Mansour, the oldest of eight children, was born into a traditional Lebanese family. She would attend Arabic school each week, learning and memorising the Qu’ran. At the time it was unveiled, it was seen as a collection of poetry, which allowed Sara to feel reconnected with a part of herself when she started performing poetry.

In high school, Sara’s love and interest in rap and hip-hop were born from trying to fit in with the people around her and reconcile her place in Australia as "other". However, this leads to her developing her interest in writing poetry and what would result in co-founding the Bankstown Poetry Slam.

Sara most recently has co-founded her own company Alepha where she hopes to engage with diverse writers, speakers, thinkers and teachers in meaningful opportunities.

Sara joins Joey on Out of the Box to discuss being raised by migrant parents in Australia, the Christchurch attacks and how she plans to make a difference to society.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo is an Australian mathematician best known for his YouTube Channel focused on explanations of math problems, live from the classroom.

Eddie’s parents placed a lot of importance on education, as they had packed up and left Malaysia to give their children better prospects. So when Eddie told them he wanted to be a teacher, they weren’t exactly thrilled.

However, having over half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a ‘master teacher’ with the NSW Department of Education, Eddie’s parents are more than supportive. Eddie is not only teaching students to love mathematics, but he is also influencing the role of the teacher in the classroom.

Eddie joins Joey on Out of the Box to discuss fitting into Australian culture, his struggles at school and his philosophy to teaching.

Producers: Bre Jones and Nicole De Palo

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