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EP 41: Dating After A Long Term Relationship

Last week we talked about when to know if it's time to leave a long term relationship. This week, Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens answer the question "Well I'm single, what the hell do I do now?". They talk getting back in the game, remembering how to flirt and reacquainting oneself with being the single version of you

EP 40: Breaking Up A Long Term Relationship

This week Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens ask the big question; how do you know when it's time to call it quits in a long term relationship? Lot's of people struggle with when to know when it's over or when it can be fixed but Tanya give you the tools to assess your relationship and decide.

EP 39: Revenge Porn

Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens go deep into the topic of image-based abuse. Sending pictures and taking videos can be a fun and intimate thing to do with your partner but lots of us don't consider how these images might be misused. Tanya lets us know the negative impacts this can have on our mental health as well as our personal and professional lives and how we can can keep our nudes (and ourselves) safe.

EP 38: Sendin' Nudes

This week Danni Stewart and Tanya Koens break down the art of the Nude. We asked you for your hot takes, tips and questions about taking naked pics and now we are breaking down how to take a good nude, etiquette surrounding sending/receiving/keeping pics and how to feel good when taking them.

EP 37: Online Censorship

Following on from from their conversation about online sex subscriptions, Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens discuss online censorship. Why is nudity acceptable on some platforms and not others and how does the censorship of the media we consume affect how we perceive nudity and sexuality?

EP 36: Subscription Sex

Courtney Ammenhauser and Tanya Koens dive into the Emma Watson approved website OMGYes and talk about the ways websites like OnlyFans could be placing power back in the hands of sex workers.

EP 35: Ask Us Anything!

For the last Let's Talk About Sex of the year, Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens are gifting our listeners free advice to what ails them. Live on air, Tanya shares her wisdom to everything from labia size to emergency room mishaps.

EP 34: Christmas

It's getting to the end of the year and people are looking back on their year and gearing up to be home for Christmas. Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens talk tips to survive being home with your family and how to deal with relationship pressure during the holiday months.

EP 33: Nudity (Pt 2)

In part 2 of Nudie November, Bridie Tanner and resident sexologist Tanya Koens tackle the shame surrounding nudity in Australia and talk about how to flaunt your bits ethically and respectfully.
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EP 32: Nudity (Pt 1)

Courtney Ammenhauser and Tanya Koens discuss how to to not feel completely exposed when you're, well, completely exposed. When is it ok to be nude and why do we feel so ashamed of our naked bodies?

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