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Every fortnight Associate Professor Kurt Iveson of the University of Sydney joins Alex Pye to discuss urban environmental issues and the different ways we can make our cities fairer and more sustainable places.

Brought to you by 42 BELOW using New Zealand’s cleanest air and water, only found on the 42nd Parallel.

What better place to distil the world’s purest vodka than across the ditch?

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First broadcast fortnightly on Thursdays 10am, as part of Mornings with Alex Pye.


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19.04.18 - Rubbish

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson talks trash with Eddy Diamond.

05.04.18 - Shopping Streets Verses Shopping Malls

Where should we be spending our money - in shopping streets or shopping malls? In this episode Associate Professor Kurt Iveson talks all about shopping and sustainability with Mornings host Alex Pye.

01.03.18 - Environmental Apps

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Mornings host Alex Pye talk all about environmental apps in this episode.

15.02.18 - Heatwaves

Michelle St Anne and Associate Professor Ollie Jay join Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye to chat about their research for an upcoming play about heatwaves.

01.02.18 - Pets In The City

In this episode, Eddy Diamond fills in for Alex Pye and chats with host Associate Professor Kurt Iveson about pets and city living.

18.01.18 - Holiday Edition

Professor Kurt Iveson talks heatwaves with Alex Pye and gives us his take on Kim Stanley Robinson’s climate fiction novel 'New York 2140'.

07.12.17 - Privately Owned Public Space

Professor Kurt Iveson brought in special guest Dr. Brad Garrett from the University of Sydney to chat about the paradox that is privately owned public space.

16.11.17 - Sexuality In The City

The YES votes are in and Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye dissect the stats of the same-sex marriage plebiscite

02.11.17 - Sustainable Fashion

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye discuss sustainable fashion with special guest Liza Heinze

19.10.17 - Obesogenic Cities

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye discuss Obesogenic Cities and the relationship between chronic health conditions like obesity and our urban environments.

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