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Every fortnight Associate Professor Kurt Iveson of the University of Sydney joins Eddy Diamond to discuss urban environmental issues and the different ways we can make our cities fairer and more sustainable places.

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First broadcast fortnightly on Thursdays 10am, as part of Mornings with Eddy Diamond.



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08.08.19 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This week, Professor Kurt Iverson came in to the studio to "de-railed" us by talking about trains, buses and planes and their differing environmental impacts. In particular he spoke about the lack of infrastructure and transport in Australia and how this needed to change to create accessible and efficient ways to travel around the country.

11.07.19 - Interview With A Bus Driver

We've talked a lot about public transport on Down To Earth, but we've never talked directly to anyone who has worked in the public transport sector, until now! Professor Kurt Iverson brought in special guest David Babineau, who is the Division Secretary of the Bus Division of the Rail Tram and Bus Union, to get the ins and outs of what it's like to be a bus driver in Sydney and what we can do to help improve the public transport industry.

27.06.19 - "Climate Emergency"

The City of Sydney just passed a mandate to declare a "Climate Emergency", but what does that actually mean? Professor Kurt Iverson joins Ondine in the studio to talk all about the complexities of climate language.

30.05.19 - Bees In The City

It may seem like bees wouldn't be that important in cities, but this is a HUGE misconception! Prof. Kurt Iverson chats to Eddy Diamond all about why bees are so crutial to urban environments, and what we can do to contribute to the preservation of bee biodiversity.

02.05.2019 - Electric Cars

Electric cars are the topic of this week’s podcast as it is a hot topic within Australia and has been discussed within the election as a way to help us move forward sustainably. Find out the real deal and the actual impact of electric cars.

18.03.2019 - Wild Wild Inner West

With special guest Steph Clarke, the show discusses the initiative Wild Wild Inner West, which looks at the misperception between cities and the wildlife being two different entities. The episode looks at how we can get involved as individuals within the community to help preserve the biodiversity. 

04.03.2019 - Public Spaces

A post election special which discusses public spaces and the new minister for those spaces, Rob Stokes. They discuss the ways in which Rob Stokes could best help from an environmental perspective these public spaces.      

21.03.19 - Neighbourhood Waste Treatment Facilities

What if there were alternatives to offshore recycling in Australia? Associate Professor Kurt Iverson joins Eddy Diamond to talk all about neighbourhood recycling initiatives and proposed ways local councils could create infrastructure around urban waste treatment.

07.03.19 - Make Renting Fair w/ Leo Patterson Ross

In preparation for the Sydney Alliance assembly on housing, Leo Patterson Ross joins Prof. Kurt Iverson to talk all about the Tenant's Union's Make Renting Fair campaign.

21.02.19 - Green New Deal

Professor Kurt Iverson talks the Green New Deal, a proposed climate policy in America that has global implications.

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