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Every fortnight Associate Professor Kurt Iveson of the University of Sydney joins Alex Pye to discuss urban environmental issues and the different ways we can make our cities fairer and more sustainable places.

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First broadcast fortnightly on Thursdays 10am, as part of Mornings with Alex Pye.


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07.09.17 CLI-FI

The first unofficial Down To Earth book club! We learn all about Cli-Fi or climate fiction. Associate Professor Kurt Iveson gave us his hottest recommendations including the works of Cory Doctorow and a whole bunch more.

03.08.17 - Universal Basic Income

What is Universal Basic Income? Kurt and special guest Troy Henderson (PhD Student at Sydney Uni) gave Alex a run down of this system.

20.07.17 - Housing Affordability

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye chat about how the need for housing affects our cities.

29.06.17 - Bus Privatisation

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye talked all about bus privatisation and how it might impact us and they way we travel using public transport in Sydney. 

15.06.17 - Solar Powered Beer

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson and Alex Pye are joined by April Crawford-Smith from community energy provider Pingala. Pingala are providing the Newtown community with access to solar energy and have also teamed up with local beer makers Young Henry's.

01.06.17 DIY Compost and Worm farming

Alex Pye and Associate Professor Kurt Iveson talk about making your own top soil from food scraps and farming worms, even in the smallest of spaces.

06.04.17 - Cyclone Debbie and Market Gardens in the City

Kurt joins Alex to chat about the flow on effects from Cyclone Debbie and how real estate pressures are threatening market gardens.

16.03.17 - Kids in the City

How do changes to our cities change how our kids grow up? Less vacant lots, more traffic - Kurt joins Alex this morning to chat about how changing cities affect children.

16.02.17 - Commercialising Green Space & Fencing Off Schools

Commercialising green space: In Sydney's growing urban environment, why are we decreasing the access to the few public spaces that remain? Join Kurt and Alex to chat about the planned burger festival in Newtown, and how this has reignited a familiar Sydney debate. Plus: Should members of the community be able to use school grounds for their own recreation when school's out?

02.02.17 - Solar Energy for Renters, Green Power, and Community Energy

Kurt and Alex are back for the new year! This week, we chat about the social side of power, the pros and cons of green power, and how to choose and use renewable power in rental and share households.

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