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Every fortnight Associate Professor Kurt Iveson of the University of Sydney joins Eddy Diamond to discuss urban environmental issues and the different ways we can make our cities fairer and more sustainable places.

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First broadcast fortnightly on Thursdays 10am, as part of Mornings with Eddy Diamond.



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21.02.19 - Green New Deal

Professor Kurt Iverson talks the Green New Deal, a proposed climate policy in America that has global implications.

29.11.18 - School Strike 4 Climate Action

Kurt and Eddy chat with Aisheeya Huq and Vivienne Paduch - a couple of the organisers of School Strike 4 Climate Action.

15.11.18 - Surveillance

Professor Kurt Iveson chats with Eddy about Surveillance in the urban environment. He asks what the proposed National Facial Biometric Matching Capability might mean for our safety, right to protest, the environment, and existing biases and forms of discrimination.

18.10.18 - Amy Fairall: Banking

Amy Fairall, a postgrad student working with Prof. Kurt Iveson, came in to chat with Eddy about how banking and financial services impact sustainability. She ran us through some of the alternatives to the big four banks, including time banking. Check it out here ->

20.09.18 – The Bower

Guido, the director of The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, gave us a rundown of the various ways in which the Bower helps the environment and the community. The centre diverts waste from landfill by repairing and re-using broken furniture, household items, and electronic appliances and puts the items back into the community. Check out their website here:


06.09.18 – Working Off The Books

Have you ever worked a dodgy cash-in-hand job? Been asked to work an unpaid trial period? In this episode, Kurt chats with Eddy about informal work sector and the impact this has on the economic landscape of our cities.

Can't get enough of Kurt? He's doing a talk about citizen action on housing affordability and security on Monday 10 Sep

And launching the book Sydney – We Need to Talk! the following day, Tuesday 11 Sep:

05.07.18 - Right To Protest

Kurt chats with Alex about your right to protest in an age where we're seeing increasing restrictions on the types of spaces we can occupy, the length of time we can protest, and the kinds of activities we're allowed to do. He also gives us the rundown on the new Crown Land Management Regulation and what it means for the future of activism.

16.08.18 - Train Station Accessibility

Kurt chats to Eddy about Sydney’s train station accessibility and some local campaigns pushing to make Sydney transport more accessible.

21.06.18 - Transport

Should we continue to build cities around cars? What's the alternative? Kurt chats with Alex about the past, present and future of transport in Sydney, and how we can reclaim our roads.

07.06.18 - Libraries

Kurt gives us a brief history of how libraries have adapted to the times and explains why they’re much more than the books they have on their shelves.

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