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#1938 Sea Change

For many of us, travelling is the way we unhook ourselves from our routine, when we feel like we need a break, or a fresh perspective. Usually, it's just for a few weeks.

This week we have two stories of people leaving their old life behind for good. One of them by choice, the other out of neccessity.

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#1937 People Readers

This episode is all about reading people—reading their mannerisms, picking up on social cues, trying to glean what a person is really like through observation. We have an expert in reading sexual energy and an artist undertaking an observational experiment which leads them to discover, for the first time, all the strange and unique behaviours of the people closest to them.

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#1936 Things I Cannot Change

This week, stories about the ways we deal with loss. Whether it's suddenly losing your hair, or the death of your beloved pet dog.

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#1935 Meet Cute

These days a lot of people are finding love on dating apps. They don't often find it down the end of a two-way radio, while on a road trip around the country.

In this episode, stories of people finding love where they least expect it.

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#1934 Runs in the Family

It's often not until we look back as adults that we recognise the passions we've inherited from our parents.

This week, Gina traces her lifelong love of cars back to the father she lost as a child, and Renee tries her best to nurture the creativity in her own children.

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#1933 Doing It My Way

Taking what's broken about your favourite TV show and fixing it. Redefining self-care in a way that works for you. This week, stories of people doing things their own way.

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#1932 Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Three teams of All The Best contributors come to the radio station on a Sunday morning and spend the next 24 hours making radio stories.

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Ryan Pemberton

Ryan Pemberton is the Executive Producer for All The Best. He is also a freelance audio producer with Audiocraft and a casual producer for ABC RN, where he has worked on documentary podcasts, including TRACE, This Is About and The Somertan Man. He started out in radio and podcasting as a student of the Graduate […]

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#1931 Featuring: Or It Didn’t Happen

Stories from FBi Radio's fiction podcast 'Or It Didn't Happen'. Some are true, some are false. It's up to you to figure out which is which.

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#1930 Show Me Your Scars

This week, our contributors are sharing the most intimate and vulnerable parts of themselves. The parts we often keep to ourselves, because they feel too sensitive, too embarrasing, or too dark to bring up.

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