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#1919 Time Capsule

We all know Facebook wants our attention. There’s a reason why the notifications are red. This is a story about a Facebook notification. It was a post from someone Stephen once knew — 27 years ago. ‘The only hole in my life’ by Carey Scheer Music: Back in Black by AC/DC, Dead Already by Thomas Newman, Heroin by […]

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#1918 What keeps me up

There are nightmares about teeth and tricky interpersonal situations. Our first story is about both of these things. Stay up with us, as we toss and turn in the middle of the night. Mouthfeel by Jared Richards It was an accident when Jared first used his housemate’s toothbrush. If he’d known how much he liked […]

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#1917 Force of Habit

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t bite your fingernails. But other habits have higher stakes. These are the habits that take up our time and our money. Bitcoin or big con by Toby Halligan Toby made a significant investment. He lucked in, when he forgot about it. Supervising Producer: Evana Ho Additional thanks to Andrew McLellan and […]

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#1916 Lost It

Hang out with us in lost property. There’s a hoodie with a hole, a pair of headphones that don’t work…and a broken heart. Wheels by Sarath Chandra Todd knows what it feels like to lose something. He also knows about starting out as an opera singer, and then pivoting to triathlons. Supervising Producer: Ryan Pemberton Music: ‘Brown […]

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#1915 Still Hungry

Eating is very good for you, so we’re serving a second course of our potluck. Dig in as we feast around the world. Allergies by Danni Stewart The things you love can also hurt you the most. Same goes for Danni and the food she loves. Supervising Producer: Erin Dick with help from Jordan Fennell […]

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#1914 Let’s Eat

Come and join our potluck. We hope you like our cooking. For sure, we’ll embrace your culinary skills too. Dark Cherry, Limestone and Meat by Eugenia Zoubtchenko Take a seat at the table. Can we offer you a glass of wine? Music: ‘Corkscrew’ by Oren Ambarchi Avocado by Michael Sun The avocado has been maligned […]

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#1913 In Two Minds

Everyone makes decisions — whether they be trivial or significant. It would be a very good decision to listen to this episode, friends. Hobby Failures by Megan Whitfield From reading novels to running marathons, everyone has a hobby that they love. But sometimes your hobby doesn’t love you. Supervising Producer: Britta Jorgensen Music: ‘Love Makes […]

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#1912 Funny Business

If laughter is the best medicine, do we all have access to the same medicine cabinet? Yes, this is a terrible joke. Thankfully, this episode features professionals who genuinely make people laugh. — Hear Me Laugh by Lauren Klein When Lauren Klein started doing stand up comedy, she couldn’t help but notice the lack of […]

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#1911 Same Same but Different

Things are the same but also very different. Just like lying in a virtual reality game. Or feeling out of place amongst your family, until you find punk rock. — Out of Place by Hongnan Guo Hongnan and Echo are two students in Sydney, who both come from the same province of China. They’re both […]

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#1910 Featuring Read To Me

There are people in the world who end up in conversations with strangers, eat gelato, catch ferries and buy plants. These people are also illustrators, animators and comic book artists. Plane Spotting by Jin Hien Lau People have pretty strong preferences when it comes to travelling on planes. So does Jin Hien Lau. Sound Recordist: […]

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