Off Air :: The Falls live at Peats Ridge

January 15th 2013


Simon and Melinda from The Falls are not only absurdly good looking and talented, they are also extremely tolerant of bumbling FBi videographers.

The original plan was to float down the little Peats Ridge river in a canoe, filming The Falls whilst they played.

Finding ourselves quite canoeless, we thought filming them in a tent in 24,970 degree heat would be swell, and thereafter attempted to film atop Simon and Melinda’s friend’s caravan, waking them from their much-needed slumber in the process.

In the end, we settled for filming on a hill overlooking tent city while they played a completely brand-new-never-ever-heard-before-ever-by-anyone-no-not-even-themselves song!

It was sweet, simple, laid-back and exactly how you want to spend a sunset in a purty valley.




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