Podcast :: Not What You Think – Season 1

May 1st 2015

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Do you ever think that there must be important things going on out there that don’t make the news? Things that aren’t about wars or elections or natural disasters?

You know: that low key stuff that isn’t on our radar. The small, important stuff.

Over summer, Not What You Think tried to find some of that stuff. Zacha Rosen (host) and Laura Brierley (producer) talked to people who had lots to say about some of these quieter things. Things which don’t get much play in the media, but were well worth getting to know.

There’s a new season coming this winter, but in the meantime there’s a whole summer season’s worth of radio waiting for you to slurp up. If you’re up with Serial now and know how to podcast, it’s easy. Just search for Not What You Think on iTunes or another podcast app (feed URL: http://945fm.myradio.click/public/api/feed/138 ).

If you’re not into the podcast thing? No stress. We’ve laid them all out for you to have a listen right here.



Landfill (Blake Lindley)

Landfill. It’s not sexy, but it is literally all around us. When we throw stuff away, so much of it still goes in a hole in the ground. Those holes fill up and Sydney’s actually running out. We talked to sustainability consultant Blake Lindley about what happens when the holes get full.

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Transient Global Amnesia (Alan Rosen)

When Not What You Think host Zacha Rosen’s articulate father was about to deliver a speech at a conference in Ireland, he suddenly discovered that he couldn’t remember it.

He’d lost his memory. But the thing is, he only lost his memory for a day. And apart from that day, it all came back. We talked to Zacha’s father, Alan Rosen, and his mother, Viv Miller, who does remember what happened, about what you do when memory loss strikes. And then goes away again.

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Families of Muslim Offenders (Ola El Hassan)

You probably think you know the bad guys when someone goes to jail. You probably think you know who the victims are, too. But in real life it’s all a complicated mix, especially for an extra group of people you probably don’t think much about.

Families of offenders get called “the forgotten victims of crime”. They do time on the outside. They suffer along with the offender, with their own shocks, hardships and stigma, even though they never did anything wrong.

We talked to Ola El Hassan, the woman behind Locked Out, a project that tells the story of Muslim women with family mixed up in the prison system.

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Queer Sex Ethics (Viv McGregor)

For the final episode of Not What You Think, we talked about ethics. Sexy, sexy ethics. The rights and wrongs in sex can get tricky for anyone. Does it get any trickier if you’re queer? If there’s more than two people involved? Is it more fun?

We talked to Viv McGregor, a Community Health Promotion Officer at the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) and one of the people behind its Claude Initiative (NSFW), who told us all about how ethics go with one, with two, or more.

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Difference (Pilot – Clare Holland)

Have a listen to the pilot for our show, with FBi Managing Director Clare Holland helping us out by telling us about difference, being a dag and dinosaurs.

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Note: Some episodes files had been lost from this season and were re-constituted from their original editing files, including fixing some early audio quality issues. No words have been changed.


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