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October 18th 2013

Música Copa

There’s nothing like seeing famous musicians and industry folk be bad at sport, especially when it’s for charity.

I mean I’m sure some kids go to bed dreaming of Emoh Instead chipping a football over a bunch of flailing label reps, just in time for a vintage Flume header into the back of the net, but really it’s the guilt-free laughs that are most appealing to me.

Anyway, the fact is that some of the biggest names in dance music have been announced on the team-sheet for Australia’s first official 5-a-side football tournament for the music industry – the inaugural Música Copa.

“With the Socceroos qualifying for next year’s football World Cup and the Brazilian buzz set to grip the nation, it seemed like the right time to put together a friendly, footy-focused industry event, all for a good cause” notes Música Copa organisers Paul Stix and Martin Novosel.

Officially partnered with ARIA Week and the Electronic Music Conference (EMC), Música Copa will take place on Thursday 5th December – in between the two weekends of Stereosonic at Marrickville’s industrial KIKOFF complex. The tournament will see touring artists, TV & radio personalities, label representatives and industry legends get antsy at each other over old rivalries, and occasionally play football as well. Each team will battle it out to win a chunky wad of cash for their nominated charity, plus exclusive bragging rights for the next 12 months.

Players and spectators will be able to congratulate and commiserate their music industry peers, followed by some well-deserved ice-cold beers and a Portuguese barbeque in the state-of-the-art, outdoor setting. Oh and it wouldn’t be a proper music industry event if the after-party celebrations weren’t soundtracked by some of the many DJ’s on hand, alongside some very special guests.

Teams from Stereosonic, Modular, Future Classic, Ministry of Sound and Sweat It Out will be holding it down for the electronic community, with Channel V, FBi Radio, inthemix and the Mushroom Group set to flex their industry muscle and roll out the big guns in a quest to win the elusive championship trophy.

A host of notable artists have already been confirmed in the first round announcement, with the likes of Van She, Canyons, What So Not, Rufus, Movement, Yolanda Be Cool and Danny Clayton (captaining the Channel V team) taking up the gauntlet.

Many more players will be confirmed in the coming weeks, and with Sydney awash with international talent at the time of the competition, the team-sheet is set to read like a fantasy festival line-up. Except this festival will involve higher-than-average levels of diving and shin kicking.

If you’re not interested in watching musicians and industry folk kick a spherical piece of plastic back and forth, well you’re sadly out of touch my friend. It’s going to be a gloriously good time and it’s for charity, so let’s face it – you’re going to feel bad for a lot of reasons if you don’t attend.



WHAT :: Música Copa

WHEN :: Thursday 5th December 2013

WHERE :: KIKOFF Fraser Park, 100 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204

HOW MUCH :: Free entry, but limited space so get in early!


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